Why Maintain an AC Unit

The need for frequent air conditioning servicing is essential for many factors. It is an item that all property owners are conscious of, but too many do not take heed of however.

The following infographic does a good job of demonstrating and explaining these 4 essential purposes for normal air conditioning servicing:

1. The AC system lasts longer.
2. It will be far more energy efficient.
3. Home energy expenses will be reduced.
4. Helps reduce pricey repairs.

Our friends at Air Conditioning Repair Irvine CA have some more tips that also excellent to keep in mind too. Check out their article at acandheatingrepairirvine.com/irvine-ac-repair-prevention/.

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Why Air Conditioners Freeze Up

So you are enjoying the summer, except for the high heat depending on the part of the country one lives in, and without warning, ones air conditioning unit freezes up…what to do!

First let’s look at the most common reasons why an AC unit will freeze up.  The leading cause would be a lack of refrigerant.   The second reason would be a lack of proper air flow.  This is usually the case when the air filters are not changed regularly and/or the condenser coil gets dirty.  Another possibility is if the air conditioner is being run when it is below 60 degrees outside.

How to Prevent an AC from Freezing UpAC Repair Palm Beach Gardens

A regular check up from an HVAC company will make sure the home cooling system is fully charged with refrigerant.  They will also make sure the condenser coil is clean and all the parts for working as they should be.  This is typically a job better left to a trained air conditioning technician.

However, homeowners should make sure they change the air filters in the home regularly, and make sure the area around the condenser outdoors is free of debris, plants and shrubs.

The following video gives a nice overview of how this can happen:

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Leading AC Problems

Advice on Conserving Hot Water

Here are some tips on conserving hot water usage at home.

Repair dripping faucets. They lose water and electricity.

Conserve Water. Your largest chance for savings is to use less hot water. Water Heater Repair Independence MOAlong with saving energy (and money), lowering hot water use aids save diminishing water supplies, which in some areas of the country is an important problem. A household of four each showering 5 minutes a day could use about 700 gallons weekly, a three-year drinking supply of water for one person! Water-conserving shower heads and faucet aerators can reduce hot water use in half. That family members of 4 can saving 14,000 gallons of water a year and the power required to heat it.

Use cool water to operate your garbage disposal. Cold water use savings energy and is the referral of many disposal manufacturers.

When washing dishes by hand, use a sink stopper or dishpan so water – hot or cool – does not rush down the drain. Remember, also, that hot water running unnecessarily not only wastes water, yet it throws away power also.

Decrease the Water Heating unit Temperature. Keeping your water heating system thermostat set at the most affordable temperature level that offers you with ample hot water. For a lot of families, 120 degree F water is great (about midway in between the “low” and “medium” setting). Each 10 degree F decrease in water temperature will generally saving 3-5 % on your water heating costs. When you are going away on vacation, you can transform the thermostat to the lowest possible environment, or transform the water heating system off completely (unless freezing is possible) for extra savings. With a gas water heating unit, ensure you recognize how to relight the pilot if you’re visiting transform it off while away.

Insulate Hot Water Pipes. Insulating your hot water pipes will decrease losses as the warm water is flowing to your faucet and, much more importantly, it will certainly lessen standby losses when the touch is shut off and afterwards back on within a hr or so. A great deal of power and water is wasted awaiting the hot water to reach the touch. Also when pipes are protected, the water in the pipes will eventually cool, yet it stays warmer much longer compared to it would certainly if the pipes weren’t shielded.

Protect your water heating system. Wrap your water heater with a water heater blanket, specifically if it’s in an unheated area of your house. The blanket could possibly conserve you around 10 percent on water heating costs.

Reference: Water Heater Repair Independence MO

Recycling Air Conditioning Condensation Water

For those that enjoy recycling and being efficient with the conservation of the home’s natural resources, here is a remarkable tip from Air Conditioner Repair Brandon MS on ways to doing this with water. Reusing the water from an air conditioner’s condensation pipe.

Air Conditioning Repair Brandon MS

Be it a window air conditioner or a whole home cooling system, the system will have a condensation pipe that drains the water from the ac unit. As moisture is drawn from the outside air to be utilized for the air conditioner, it is this moisture or water that comes out of the condensation pipe.

It is not a lot of water that comes through, depending upon the climate one resides in, but ought to be enough to irrigate small plants and vegetables that are grown nearby. One could even route the condensation pipes to be directed to the plantings. Or, the water could empty into a bucket to be used for watering then.

With having a pipe carry the water to the plants would be handy to have if one was to go on vacation and not be at home to water during the middle of the summer! Be thoughtful of the size of the plants if grown near the a/c unit, so they do not get too tall and large and block the correct air flow to the unit. At the same time, the plants can make an appealing cover to conceal the ac system too.


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Home Insulation Pointers

Some insulation systems do not totally serve the purpose of keeping homes warm in the winter season, and insulation products of the past are no assurance that all pockets of air will ever be completely sealed. Attics and fireplaces are two major locations in a house that ought to be analyzed carefully since extreme draft enters from the outdoors into both locations. Old window framework makes it possible for draft to get in inside too. There are plenty of means make sure whole home effectiveness when it comes to insulation.

Recognize Leak Locations and Bulk up the Insulation

Investment an energy monitoring gadget so that you can initially identify how much electricity you are really utilizing and afterwards identify your house’s dripping places. Speak with an HVAC specialist to suggest the finest winter insulation ideas for your house. Numerous HVAC professionals offer house performance assessments at no cost. They will determine where the leaks are, and afterwards start to give you options on the perfectly means to insulate compromised leaking locations.

You could have already found those irritating leakages by walking by the drafty locations however a little trick would be to check them by holding a tissue or other thin material to them. Point the cells towards where you feel leaks are found such as window and door frames, and you will instinctively find where the leaky locations are. Mark the areas with a pencil. Buy door sweeps and place them under exterior door spaces. Place gaskets into wall electric outlets to shut out cold air from entering your houses too.

Attic and Roof Insulation

Look into ducts in attic and other areas. Make certain they are fitted properly and are well insulated. You can lose up to 60 percent of heat prior to the heat actually reaches the vents if the ducts are not linked and properly insulated suggests Jonathan at Columbia Home Repairs. Innovative spray foam does a much better job of sealing all leaking openings. Constantly seek advice from with a professional who has the correct equipment and cameras to figure out the strength of your duct work.

Home Repairs Columbia SC

Window Install (Photo credit: ArmchairBuilder.com)

Changing Windows

Replace single-pane windows with double-pane glass. Attempt setting up super-insulated windows with triple panes including argon between panes. Fit tight seals around the edges of the panes. This replacement window type offers a great offer of warmth if you experience truly extremely cold winter seasons. You can also acquire a better choice of windows and a much better thermal efficiency with triple pane windows which contain a mix of krypton, argon and air gas fitted in between the panes. Window replacement is likewise something that you might not know your HVAC supplier can do for you. Make sure to ask when reserving your free home efficiency examination.

Block Outside Leaks

Seal off outdoors leaks with using weather condition resistant caulking. Masonry sealer is the very best insulation for brick areas of your home and is a hardy item that is not jeopardized by freezing and thawing winter weather condition. Do not ignore the tiniest split. Seal it to prevent the cold air from getting inside your home. Masonry sealer serves the function of likewise shutting out bugs from attacking your house. If you are not comfy doing this yourself, be sure to talk to an expert.

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Five Plumbing System Maintenance Tips

These 5 simple tips for homeowners could help keep ones house plumbing system up to par and not need to have costly plumbing repairs.

Water Heater Repair Birmingham AL

English: Frozen solid This cleaning mop wedged behind the downpipe has frozen up with icicles along with the pipe branch. Photographed on a house in Magdala Terrace, Galashiels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inspect for Leaks
Also the smallest leakage could turn in to a torrential flood if not caught early. This can be costly so it is essential to check all pipes, especially those areas that do not have insulation.

Drain and Insulate
Among the most important tips for locations that experience severe winter seasons, draining and protecting pipes prevents any sort of water that gets trapped in those pipes from freezing, broadening, and afterwards fracturing, breaking, or breaking shared pipes. Without drainpiping and shielding, you run the risk of really costly and intensive plumbing system repairs.

Weatherproof Trouble Areas
It is additionally essential to keep an eye out for locations having exposed pipes and parts. Doorways, glass, and vent fans should be checked to ensure their seals remain tight. If a seal is loose, you can utilize caulking to stop your house plumbing system from cold.

Insulate Exposed Pipes
Once again, protecting pipes is easy and economical. It could be as simple as installing foam tubes or towels around your pipes and can aid your water heating system in keeping warm. Pipes near electrical sources must be protected with electrical heating tape.

Keep Indoor Pipes Warm
It is also important to keep the pipes indoors insulated as well. Pipes inside can ice up in cold weather conditions too, so doing things such as opening cabinet doors to expose your pipes to your residence’s warmth could aid in protecting against interior house plumbing issues. If you leave for a trip, do not turn off your heat entirely. Also, by letting a faucet or two drip a little when temperatures are really cold outside may make your water bill increase somewhat, however the expense is tiny when compared with the high cost of replacing burst pipes.

Reference: Water Heater Repair Birmingham

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Tankless Electric Water Heater Benefits

Lots of different thoughts have actually been put into ways of going green for a while now and public awareness of green alternatives is at an all time high. Obviously, many individuals wish to conserve energy and aid in sustaining our resources.Water Heater Repair Jacksonville FL

While some green ideas make easy sense, such as truly utilizing those recycle bins or, considering that we are plumbing professionals, installing water saving fixtures and faucets. Other green ideas might not seem to make much sense at all.

Let us examine the tankless electric water heater. They do not do too much to conserve energy, specifically when they are made use of to change existing tank kind water heaters. Tankless heaters use a great deal of electrical power whenever the hot water is switched on. As a result, upsized wire and breaker have to be set up for these heaters to work. Combine the labor along with the electric upgrades and a common tankless electric water heater installment runs about $1,500.

However, there are 2 prominent perks of them. The first is these systems keep no water inside which has to be constantly heated, so if they fail there is little probability of water damage. Second of all, these little heaters are attached on a wall and take up hardly any space. For folks in small homes and condo units where space is at a premium, tankless is a wise choice.

Reference: jacksonville.hotwaterheatermedic.com

Troubleshooting Plumbing Problems

Having plumbing problems at home are certainly no fun.  It seems when they arise, it might seem like a bigger issue than it really might be due to the perceived emergency of it.  Obviously if one has a leaking pipe somewhere and water is rushing into the house, it IS an emergency.  However, most of the time typical plumbing concerns are those of clogged toilets and drains, minor leaks, and blocked drain traps (called a P-trap in the plumbing biz).

Water Heater Repair Pittsburgh passed along this infographic for us that does a nice job of illustrating what these typical plumbing issues are and how to fix them:

Water Heater Repair Pittsburgh PA

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.
If you do have an emergency plumbing issue, certainly call a reputable plumbing company in your area.  However, for the average handy homeowner, many plumbing repairs can be performed oneself without much difficulty.


Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Tips

When designing a brand-new kitchen or restroom, or renovating an existing one, it is essential to consider not just form, but function as well. These spaces are defined by certain home appliances and fixtures that serve important functions within the area. Following best practices about how and where to lay these significant pieces of the space out will help turn a strategy into an amazing and useful area.

Kitchen Best Practices

Plumbing Repair Providence

The design for kitchen plumbing traditionally focuses on three major devices: the array, the fridge and the sink. These are the basic, standard pieces of devices you will find in every kitchen area. Your vision might involve more fixtures, home appliances and work locations, which’s fine. What’s important is to develop area for work and quality traffic flow when laying these things out.

For instance, during the design stage, think about the aisles and walkways in your kitchen. If you have an island, there should be at least 42 inches of space in between it and the closest counter or home appliance on all sides. This is to permit enough area to, say reverse while carrying a roast from the oven, or be able to slip past somebody who is getting a glass of water at the sink. Carefully think about the number of individuals will be utilizing the kitchen at one time and where the high quality traffic pathways are.

Bathroom Best Practices

You could not recognize it till providing it some thought, but the factors to consider for restroom plumbing are very comparable to those of kitchen design. That is, you want to have an area that provides adequate space around all the significant fixtures to move normally and comfortably, while likewise making use of materials that will be resilient and easy to clean.

The top factor to consider right here is safety, and it ought to assist all the concerns you ask yourself and your service provider throughout the design process. Is the shower huge enough for each person to reverse without crashing the wall or door? Is there enough space between the tub and sink to steer safely and comfortably? Are the floor and tub made from products that offer adequate traction to be able to stand securely, even when wet? Think about all these variables when seeking advice from your service provider on what materials to make use of and where each fixture or home appliance ought to go.

By all means, have fun with your design project. It’s fun and amazing to create a new room the means you have constantly pictured it. Simply make certain to also consider some best practices while you do it, so that you end up with a room that is not just visually pleasing, but likewise safe and practical.

Reference: Plumbing Repair Providence

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How to Install a Water Softener

If you live in an area that has hard water it really isn’t that difficult to install a water softener unit in the kitchen.  We are not going to endorse any specific brands here, but wanted to pass along a video that our friends at Plumbing Repair Las Vegas NV recommended for us:

having soft water verses hard water greatly reduces the scaling of pipes, faucets, and bath fixtures, and reduces

Plumbing Repair Las Vegas

Badger Water Softener Co., display at Nama National Convention, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Photo credit: Boston Public Library)

spotting of glasses, dishes and flatware. Soft water also helps detergent clean clothes better in the clothes washer, while making clothes last longer too!

One can reduce laundry detergent usage, dishwasher machine soap, hand soap and shampoo to half what one would normally use, not to mention soft water is much more pleasant to wash with, leaving less soap scum in the shower.

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