Manage Facilities And Conditions To Support Teaching Activities

In the past years, the training for Cham language teachers has mainly focused on teaching methods for primary school students to learn Cham. In early 2007, the Ministry of Education and Training organized a training course to teach Cham characters to civil servants who wanted to learn Cham script to serve their work, but there was no educational management agency to train them. Nurturing methods of teaching Cham characters to the elderly Cham.

Teachers who teach Cham literacy classes for Cham people should discuss and learn from their own experiences on how to teach adults appropriately.

1.3.10. Manage facilities and conditions to support teaching activities

The means and conditions of facilities have the effect of actively supporting the teaching process of teachers. If the teacher knows how to use and have good facilities, the effectiveness of the teaching time will definitely be better. Therefore, the manager needs to have a plan to ensure the minimum requirements for facilities and facilities to conduct teaching activities for classes.

To ensure the normal operation of the Cham class, the principal of the primary school where the 1

To ensure the normal operation of the Cham class, the principal of the primary school where the Cham class is held should carefully consider the following requirements:

– Classrooms: Must comply with regulations on size, light, rain and sun protection, safety in wind and storm…

– Tables and chairs: Suitable for elderly people.

– Blackboard: Clearly show the teacher’s presentation.

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– Textbooks, reference books: Clear, easy to read.

– Teaching and learning equipment

The principal should survey the minimum need for facilities and facilities for the annual opening of classes, including Cham classes. From there, plan to purchase or suggest relevant levels to equip facilities to meet teaching activities in schools and Cham classes for the elderly.

The principal should assign a vice-principal to direct the management of school facilities, creating the best conditions for teachers and learners of Cham to have the necessary learning facilities to teach well. Study well. Instruct teachers in the use and maintenance of teaching aids.

At the request of the School Principals, the Head of Education and Training Department directs the procurement to equip new or additional facilities and facilities for schools, such as buying books. textbooks, reference books, teaching aids or propose the district People’s Committee to build more classrooms.

1.3.11. Managing the organization of classes and mobilizing learners to go to class

– The principal of the primary school where the Cham language is to be taught prepares a plan to mobilize people to go to class according to the following basic steps:

+ The principal discussed with the teacher in charge of illiteracy eradication – education universalization and drafted a plan to open a Cham literacy class.

+ The principal discussed with the local government and the village People’s Committee about the plan to open a Cham language class and asked for their support for the opening of classes such as: Appointing someone to take care of the classroom’s security and order, Explaining the necessity of learning Cham characters, attending the opening ceremony of Cham script classes to encourage learners’ learning spirit.

+ Make a Notice to open a Cham language class, specifying details such as class opening time, subjects, time and place of registration, class end time, study time of the week.

+ Send an employee to register for study and present the registration list to the Principal after the registration time ends.

+ Organize the opening ceremony of the Cham script class, assign teachers to organize learning and discuss classroom rules, thereby recording students’ recommendations about the necessary needs for teaching and learning. learn. After learning the rules, select the class president, class vice president, group leader, and vice-leader of the class. Introduce the classroom teacher, the study schedule for the week.

– Monitor the attendance rate of the class. If students are absent from school a lot, the principal should carefully investigate the reason and assign someone to meet the students directly to encourage them to continue going to class. The person assigned to advocate can be a teacher in charge of illiteracy eradication, a prestigious elderly student, a classroom teacher or the principal or vice principal of the school.

– The principal needs to create a wide public opinion among the people in order to support and encourage people to learn Cham script. In order to do this, the Principal needs to work with the teacher in charge of illiteracy eradication to plan to attend meetings of the villagers, ask for a presentation on the meanings of learning Cham characters or enlist the opinions of the prestigious people in the village such as village elders, religious dignitaries to ask them to encourage students to graduate, contribute to fostering the students’ learning spirit.

– The principal must report the situation of the school year, the learning situation to the local government and the Department of Education and Training for help from the government and professional guidance of the Department of Education and Training. create district.

1.3.12. Manage the issue of academic certificates

– A certificate of learning after each class is a demonstration of a learning process, a legitimate and legal requirement, and a basis for learners to continue to study in the next classes. Therefore, the issuance of the certificate must be timely in accordance with its competence and in accordance with the provisions of law.

– According to the current regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, the certificate of completion of class and completion of grade in primary school shall be issued by the principal of that school. In that spirit, when a student completes a class in a Cham literacy program organized by a primary school, the principal of the primary school is responsible for issuing a certificate of completion of the class, so that they can continue to study. take higher classes, or as a legal basis for other related issues. Thus, the granting of a certificate of learning ability in the Cham script class organized by the primary school to teach adults is granted by the principal of that primary school. This issue needs to be reported by the Department of Education and Training to request the direction of the Department of Education and Training.

– Schools need to store and preserve well the grade book of the Cham class like other grade books in the school to serve as a basis for issuing certificates of class, ending primary school in Cham when learners have needs. .

1.4. Fact base

In Vietnam, “organizing the teaching of ethnic scripts for ethnic groups that have written scripts, organizing the construction of scripts for ethnic groups without writing, and disseminating those scripts, are the jobs that Our Party and State from the Central to the provinces are very concerned. Even during the resistance wars against the French and the Americans as well as in peace building…. currently, there are about 14 provinces across the country that are organizing the teaching and learning of letters and philology of ethnic groups such as H’ Mong, Cham, Khmer, Bana, Ede, K’Ho…”[32].

After the liberation of South Vietnam, the Cham language and the Akhar Thrah script were also taught in bilingual primary schools according to the curriculum and textbooks of the Ministry of Education, in places where the Cham people were concentrated (in the two provinces of Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan). Cham script has been Latinized since the early 20th century. This script is similar to the Ede script in the Central Highlands, which is widely available. Many Cham people like to use it to take personal notes, write letters, copy fairy tales, poetry, folklore. But most of the Cham people advocate for their children to learn the Cham Akhar Thrah script to preserve their long-standing national culture[8].

In Ninh Thuan province, “The province has also organized the teaching of Cham language for Cham students in grade 10 and grade 11 at the Provincial Ethnic Minority School, opened a Cham language class for officials working in civil affairs, police, Procuracy and a class for officials and people of Phuoc Thai commune, Ninh Phuoc district” [1].

In Binh Thuan province, in October 2001, the Department of Education and Training and the People’s Committee of Ham Thuan Bac district “allowed the Department of Education and Training of Ham Thuan Bac district to open Cham language classes for officials and teachers.” members of the Cham people” [23]. On October 20, 2006, Binh Thuan Department of Education and Training also allowed the Department of Education and Training of Ham Thuan Bac district to open a Cham language class for cadres, party members and young people of the Cham ethnic group since October 20, 2006. academic year 2006 – 2007”[24]. Currently, the Department of Education and Training of Ham Thuan Bac district has organized 3 classes to teach Cham illiteracy eradication for cadres, party members and young people in Ma Lam, Ham Phu and Ham Tri communes (one class per commune). ). The classes are maintained quite well, both teachers and students show great efforts in teaching and learning, and the quality of learning tends to develop well (Source Ham Thuan Bac Education and Training Department)[ 20].


Through theoretical analysis, teaching Cham characters to the Cham people is a necessary job, serving the ethnic policy and language development of our Party and State, in order to preserve the language and writing of the ethnic minorities. number in Vietnam. This view has also been implemented by many places at home and abroad.

The theoretical part also showed the main contents in managing the teaching of Cham characters for the Cham people, clearly demarcating the responsibilities of primary schools in areas with a large number of Cham people and the responsibilities of the Department of Education and Training. create district level in the management stages of teaching Cham characters to the Cham people.

This is a fairly new job, requiring the perseverance of educational managers at all levels and the direction of authorities at all levels to arouse in all Cham people the spirit of learning Cham characters.

This theoretical part is the basis of orientation for the activity of teaching Cham characters to the elderly Cham.


2.1. Some details about the research object

2.1.1. Natural, socio-economic and educational conditions of Ham Thuan Bac district Geographical location, topography and climate

Ham Thuan Bac is located in the center of Binh Thuan province, has a natural area of ​​1282.47 km2, is the key agricultural economic region of the province, has National Highway IA running the length of the district; There is National Highway 28, An Lam – Dong Giang road connecting with the Central Highlands provinces. There are geographical coordinates as follows: 110 12′ 40″ to 110 39′ 32″ North latitude and 1070 50′ 00″ to 1080 10′ 58″ East longitude. It borders Di Linh Plateau to the North, Phan Thiet City to the South, Bac Binh District to the East and Ham Thuan Nam and Tanh Linh Districts of Binh Thuan Province to the West (Appendix 2).

Date published: 01/11/2021
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