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Advertising at the bus shelter will attract the attention of bus passengers and passersby. Research by the World Advertising Association shows that the average commute time of urban residents is about 1.5 hours/day. In Vietnam, this frequency may be higher because the traffic speed is slower.

Advertising price at a bus shelter is on average 7,000-10,000 USD/year, ie about 105,000,000 – 150,000,000 VND/year (source: 01&id= 813fd3eebafc36&pageid=2176) The panels must be renewed every year, creating movement of the logo for added appeal. But there must be synchronization and matching with advertising images on television and newspapers to create a stronger resonance effect.

Advertising content on the panels should only print the image of the card and its communication message.

For effective communication activities and in line with the promotion budget, only the form of advertising on billboards installed at bus stops is the most appropriate. It is estimated that the number of places to place billboards is about 450 district/national points, so the total amount to be spent is about: 450 x 105,000,000 VND = 47,250,000,000 VND Thus, the total cost for advertising is: 

Advertisement TypeAmount (VND)
Newspapers276,100,000 VND
TV2,210,800,000 won
Outdoor advertising47,250,000,000 VND
total49,736.900.000 VND

Maybe you are interested!


Target audience: company employees, shareholders and investors, members of the local community, existing suppliers and customers. External media sources are those who have no connection to the organization (for example, the public).

Implement a PR program: PR tools include press releases, press conferences, dedicated clubs, interviews, and media engagement.

Organize press conferences.

The topic of the conference is the hot topic of the most attention at the moment, specifically the issues of infrastructure for card products or the problem of alliances between banks to bring about For card users many conveniences, important news to spread widely such as advertising campaigns, promotions… Event sponsorship: Many marketers are attracted to sponsored events because it has brought publicity to the public. The company and their product names reach close to consumers, Event sponsorship has become a good sales promotion tool for reaching target markets.

Outstanding events in 2008 selected to sponsor:

– “International Fireworks Festival” in Da Nang: The annual festival will take place along the banks of the Han River with the participation of many countries with experience and tradition in the art of fireworks. .

– The Miss Tourism 2008 contest was first held in Ho Chi Minh City in May 2008: The winner of the Miss Universe crown officially represents Vietnam will participate in the Miss Tourism International contest. 2008. This is one of the events attracting the attention of the world and Vietnam since the end of 2007.

In addition to sponsoring community events such as contests, anniversaries, etc., for university students, sponsoring Young Science Festivals, Festivals of specialized clubs, Olympiads of science subjects. … through which also provides basic skills in using the card and learns more about other convenient features besides cash withdrawal, transfer….

Shareholders, investors, and community members are also targets of public relations efforts. Efforts may include advertisements that inform social activities such as reducing air pollution, providing clean water, etc. Prove to people that the organization is a good citizen with the spirit of welfare can also be the reason for communication to groups.

PR programs are expected to account for 20% of the promotional budget.

3.Direct sales.

To follow the advertising and PR campaign on the mass media, the direct selling program will be applied immediately. Apply Creative Selling: Creative jobs in sales can require the most skill and preparation. To increase the mental picture, the seller must assess the situation, identify the needs encountered, demonstrate the ability to satisfy those needs, and obtain the order. The seller is usually the “point person” who will establish the initial communications as the agent for the firm and who is primarily responsible for completing the exchanges. Individual salespeople may focus on existing customers, encouraging more sales and beyond sales, or they may seek out new customers.For the program to work effectively, it is necessary to select a team of employees with qualities such as: good communication, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and knowledge about cards to answer questions for consumers.

Combine telemarketing and sales efforts. Direct mail and e-mail are commonly used methods to support sales. In addition, join online forums to provide information to customers who often use the Internet. It is a fact that many people are confused about which card to use is most beneficial, then we can provide them with information about the card in a way that is beneficial to us.

On the other hand, it is the teller staff who are the face of the bank who have direct contact with customers, so we need to pay due attention to this department by opening training courses on skills. communication, professional training… The direct sales program is expected to account for 15% of the promotional budget and lasts for a period of: 1 month after the bank has implemented advertising programs and PR reaches the general public and is conducted at universities, buildings with many offices for rent.

4. Promotion.

Figure 1.8: Types of promotions favored by customers.

Based on the above table, we can see: free card opening and unlimited interest rate increase of the 1

Based on the above table, we can see: free card opening and unlimited interest rate increase of the balance in the account is the type of promotion that customers are most interested in. Next is the form of lucky draw, free annual service and gift giving. Currently, when opening a Success card , customers are free to use the service every year and the balance in the account is entitled to interest on demand deposits.

Thus, in the next phase, in order to increase the number of Success card users, the bank will conduct promotions for potential and current customers.

+ For existing customers, the balance in the account will enjoy progressive ladder interest according to the deposit balance.

+ For potential customers, when opening a Success card, the customer is still free to use the annual service and the account balance is entitled to a progressive ladder interest rate according to the deposit balance; In addition, students and businesses that open cards for employees will be prioritized for exemption and reduction of card opening fees from 30% to 50%.

+ Shelf ATM is 3 years from the date of issue, within one year continuously, cardholders do not use the locked card, if they wish to continue using the card holders have to branch banking Agriculture and Rural Development where the account is opened to carry out procedures to reuse the card. For customers who continue to use the card again, in addition to the same incentives as for existing customers, they will also receive 100,000 VND in their card account. This program is also applicable for 2 months.

Figure 1.9: Percentage of customers who continue to use ATM cards of Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development.

Thus, the total cost for the promotion will be about: 16,344,066,750 VND. 5.Direct Marketing Link 2

Thus, the total cost for the promotion will be about: 16,344,066,750 VND.

5.Direct Marketing

Link direct marketing with advertising: send emails to start-ups every few months. In which, the content of the mail includes: introduction of the outstanding features of the Success card product, and the available promotions.

Linking direct marketing and PR: setting up a free consultation hotline for customers when having problems with ATM operation or how to open a card, renew a card…

Link direct marketing to personal selling: use telemarketing more often to inform and articulate vision (to reduce sales costs) and provide guidance.

Link direct marketing with sales promotion. Send email templates directly to inform customers about sales promotion programs or events or invite customers to attend seminars.


In addition to basing on annual sales to measure transmission effectiveness, an annual survey must be carried out to assess the attitude of target customers towards the company’s products and advertising programs. .?, is the promotion campaign liked by customers.?, customer’s attitude towards the bank.? Compare the results of the survey with the results of the past and the set goals to see if the new communication results are effective or not.? to avoid the situation of subjective assessment, deviating from reality, leading to mistakes in the modification of the communication program.

Measure the percentage of people who continue to use the Success card.

Re-measure the consumer’s assessment of the card’s features and the services that come with it, whether the service quality increases or not.

Measure the satisfaction level of the bank’s customer programs. 


The promotional communication solution for the Success card has been built on the basis of communication theory, the actual basis of the card business activities of the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam and the opinions of consumers. The author’s personal use and subjective opinions make the topic more convincing and realistic.

Due to objective and subjective reasons that cannot be overcome, the study has certain limitations as follows:

– Due to limited space and research resources, the scope of actual research is narrow, customer characteristics in other areas are not analyzed specifically, which makes the replication of survey results not real. exactly.

– Due to the lack of information about competitors, it is not possible to analyze competitors deeply.

– Due to the wide variety of media pricing information and always changing, media budget estimates can only be within a certain range, but cannot be completely accurate.

The result that this promotional communication program brings is not only tangible value, but also the creation and development of intangible values ​​for the bank itself, that is, the reputation, trust of customers, eradication. take the image of a rigid state bank.

Date published: 01/11/2021
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