Completing the credit rating system of corporate customers at Lien Viet Post Commercial Joint Stock Bank - 12

Table II.2: Scoring Management qualifications and internal environment of B . JSC
 TargetsEvaluateInitial scoreWeightWeighted Score
firstJudicial history of the head of the business/business ownerGood criminal record, no criminal record, no criminal record1002%2
2Education level of the head of the business/business ownerUniversity802%1.6
3Experience, executive capacity and management quality of the Owner/Board of DirectorsManagement experience and quality are quite good, the leadership is stable805%4
4Reputation and relationship of the business owner in the market, with relevant agenciesNormal relationship604%2.4
5Internal control environment, organizational structure of enterprisesInternal control processes are established but not regularly updated and checked. Good organizational structure802%1.6

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Completing the credit rating system of corporate customers at Lien Viet Post Commercial Joint Stock Bank - 12

6Internal HR environment of the enterpriseGood803%2.4
7Business strategic vision of the enterpriseHaving a vision and business strategy, but the feasibility in some cases is still limited602%1.2
Total weighted score17.8
(Source: Extracted from LienVietPostBank 's outreach data )
Table II.3: Scoring External factors of B . JSC
 TargetsEvaluateInitial scoreWeightWeighted Score
firstIndustry development prospectsRelatively developed and promising802%1.6
2Influence from policies of the State, Government, and local authoritiesDoes not have its own policy or is not heavily influenced by the policy (if any)403%1.2
3Stability of input materialsRelatively stable or volatile but have little impact on business operations and profits602%1.2
4The ability of the enterprise's products to be replaced by "substitute products" according to the assessment of GMOsRelatively difficult80first%0.8
5The ability of new businesses to enter the market (in the same industry/business field) as assessed by GEDifficult, requiring large investment of capital and labor, high qualifications80first%0.8
6The degree of dependence of the enterprise's business activities on natural conditionsThere is a dependency but the effect is not significant80first%0.8
Total weighted score6.4
(Source: Extracted from LienVietPostBank's outreach data)
Table II.4: Scoring of B Joint Stock Company's Bank Relationship
 TargetsEvaluateInitial scoreWeightWeighted Score
firstOverdue debt situation of enterprises' current outstanding loans at credit institutions0%1004%4
2Number of times of debt restructuring (including principal and interest) in the past 12 months at credit institutions0 times1004%4
3Number of times of late payment of interest in the past 12 months at credit institutions0 times1004%4
4Number of times of insolvency/late payment commitments (L/C, guarantee, other commitments) in the past 12 months at credit institutions0 times1003%3
5Credit relationship with Lien Viet Bank (%)50%804%3.2
6Debt repayment history of enterprises with Lien Viet BankAlways pay your debt on time1004%4
7Using loan capital for wrong purposes when borrowing at Lien Viet BankNever used capital for the wrong purpose1003%3
8The situation of providing information at the request of Lien Viet Bank in the past 12 monthsAlways provide complete, accurate and timely information. Actively cooperate in providing information1002%2
9Percentage of average deposit balance (in the last 12 months) / Average outstanding balance of enterprises at Lien Viet Bank (in the last 12 months)< 2%204%0.8
tenAverage number of transactions with Lien Viet Bank<2203%0.6
Total weighted score28.6
(Source: Extracted from LienVietPostBank's outreach data)
Table II.5: Scoring Operational characteristics of B . JSC
 TargetsEvaluateInitial scoreWeightWeighted Score
firstPosition and competitiveness of enterprises in the marketBranded but commonly known, the position belongs to a stable development team. Be subject to competition but have a clear direction of development to improve its position.605%3
2Scope of business activities (scope of product consumption)Only within Vietnam or the surrounding border area804%3.2
3Supplier relationshipFully active and with multiple input options1003%3
4Relationship with output partnersThe output market is huge. Enterprises are not dependent on a small number of output partners, fully actively developing sales1005%5
5Financial reporting qualityReport truthfully, completely, with audit, sent on time1004%4
6Applying modern management model (ISO) and advanced technological processesDo not apply202%0.4
7Achievements are widely recognizedNever received awards from organizations202%0.4
8Net cash flow trendsDowntrend (positive period net cash flows)604%2.4
9Source of debt repayment of enterprises according to the assessment of the CBAA reliable source of debt repayment, the business is fully capable of paying its debts on time1006%6
Total weighted score27.4
(Source: Extracted from LienVietPostBank's outreach data)
Table III.1: Criteria for assessing financial indicators of enterprises in the agriculture, forestry and fishery sectors according to Decision 57/2002/QD-NHNN
TargetsLarge scaleMedium sizeSmall scale
Liquidity indicator            
1. Short-term solvency (L)2.11.5first0.
2. Quick payment (L)
Performance Indicators            
3. Turnover of inventory (V)43.5324.543.53432.52
4. Average collection period (N)405060703945556034384455
5. Asset efficiency (L)
Debt ratio (%)            
6. Liabilities/Total Assets394859703040526030354555
7. Liabilities/Equities ONLYsixty four921432334266108185425381122
8. Overdue debt/Total bank balance0first230first230first23
Income target (%)            
9. Income before tax/Revenue32.521.543.532.554.543.5
10. Income before tax/Total assets4.543.5354.543.565.554.5
11. Income before tax/Equity source onlyten8.57.67.5ten87.57ten98.38.4
(Source: State Bank of Vietnam)


  • Enterprise has the ratio from A to the left: 5 points. After A to B: 4 points. After B to C: 3 points. After C to D: 2 points. From behind D to the right: 1 point.
  • Profitability indexes in items 9, 10, 11 < 0: 0 points.
  • The ratio of Liabilities/Equities in section 7 < 0: 0 points.
Date published: 17/11/2021
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