Completing the credit rating system of corporate customers at Lien Viet Post Commercial Joint Stock Bank - 9

3.2.2 Proposal to amend and supplement LienVietPostBank’s corporate credit rating scoring model

The sequence of steps to score the corporate credit score according to the proposed amendment and supplement model of the topic includes:

Step 1: Classify enterprises according to the criteria of size and main business lines. Compared with the past, the credit society model proposed by this topic will not distinguish enterprises by type of ownership, but will instead be differentiated according to the criteria of whether enterprises have shares or not because of the efficiency of use. capital is fundamentally different between these two business objects.

First of all, an enterprise is defined as a large, medium and small sized enterprise by giving points on the criteria of equity, average number of employees, net revenue, total assets as presented in Table I.1 of Appendix I. Due to the limitation of implementation time and database by industry, the thesis is only classified according to normal enterprise size, not using a set of assets. financial and non-financial indicators for very small-sized enterprises.

After classifying by size, the business line will be determined based on the comparison of the 1

After classifying by size, the business line will be determined based on the comparison of the business line of the enterprise that has the largest proportion or accounts for 50% of revenue or more compared to the table of branches presented. presented in Table I.2 of Appendix I by five groups of agriculture, forestry and fishery; Light industry; Trade in Services; Capital construction investment; Heavy industry.

Step 2: On the basis of industry and size, use Tables IV.1, IV.2, IV.3, IV.4, IV.5 of Appendix IV corresponding to the main business lines of the enterprise. for financial scoring.

The financial indicators are evaluated according to the guidance of the State Bank to be consistent across the country, moreover, the calculation data of the State Bank which is regressed on a large scale from many different sources will be close to the actual situation of the financial institutions. industry group than the data of each commercial bank, when there is a change, the State Bank will consider adjusting and the commercial banks will update accordingly.

Compared with the set of financial indicators guided by the State Bank, the scoring of financial indicators in the corporate credit society according to the proposed amendment of the topic still uses the number of eleven indicators. Accordingly, the topic proposes to add the indicator of working capital turnover to the set of financial indicators according to the guidance of the State Bank, replacing the indicator of the average collection period with the indicator of the turnover of receivables calculated by the data. According to the industry of these two additional indicators, LienVietPostBank is more updated than the data of the State Bank. In addition, the topic also proposes to remove the indicator of Overdue debt/Total bank balance from the scoring section of financial indicators and will include the score in the section of non-financial information indicators to avoid confusion. duplicate.

The weighting of financial indicators will depend on the importance of the indicator, depending on the economic sector in which the enterprise is operating, the total weight of the indicators in the financial section is 100%. Compared with the SBV’s scoring method, each financial scoring indicator will have five standard ranges, respectively, at five levels of 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 (initial score).

The weighted score is the product of the original score and the corresponding weight shown in Table 3.3. The principle for scoring each indicator is that the actual index that is closest to the value is given a score according to that value, if the actual index is between two values, the lower category (lower scale). The total maximum score achieved, converted according to the weight of the financial indicators in the corporate credit scoring at this step is one hundred points.

Table 3.3: Scoring of financial indicators of corporate credit according to the proposed amendment of the topic

TargetsWeightRating scale    
Bar target group clause      
first. Short-term solvency14%10080604020
2. The ability to pay quickly8%10080604020
Operational target group      
3. Inventory turnover8%10080604020
4. Working capital turnover8%10080604020
5. Accounts Receivables Turnover8%10080604020
6. Efficient use of assets4%10080604020
Debt balance group      
7. Liabilities/Total Assets15%10080604020
8. Liabilities/Equity15%10080604020
Income target group      
9. Profit before tax/Revenue8%10080604020
10.Benefits Profit before tax/Total assets6%10080604020
11.Benefits Profit before tax/Equity6%10080604020

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(Source: proposal of the topic)

Step 3: Scoring indicators for predicting financial difficulties of enterprises based on the following criteria: Altman’s Z-score statistical function predicts the risk of default of enterprises, bank debt repayment customers holding from 25% of the charter capital (share capital) of the enterprise as presented in Table 3.4. The basis of adding a group of indicators to forecast the risk of financial difficulties of enterprises is that this group of indicators reflects relatively accurately the prospects and short-term financial capacity of enterprises, contributing to limits for the shortcomings that the financial and non-financial indicators are using. The total maximum score multiplied by the weight of the group of indicators predicting the risk of financial difficulties of the enterprise is fifty points.

How to calculate the Z-score is detailed in Section 1.2.2 Chapter I (Page 16 of the topic), if the equitized enterprise belongs to the manufacturing industry, the Z-index = 1.2X1 + 1 should be used. ,4X2 + 3.3X3 + 0.64X4 + 0.999X5, if the enterprise has not been equitized in the manufacturing industry, then Z’ = 0.717X1 + 0.847X2 + 3.107X3 + 0.42X4 + 0.998X5. If the enterprise is not in the manufacturing industry, use the Z-index” = 6.56X1 + 3.26X2 + 6.72X3 + 1.05X4.

Table 3.4: Scoring indicators for predicting financial difficulties, credit society of enterprises according to the proposed amendment of the topic

Targets Initial score    Weight
1Risk broken muscle
in debt (Z-score)
Region an
2Love return image
in debt bank
of the object
hold 25%
capital charter
of the business
pay debt
correct term
Pay debt
term, yes
sign brand
is fine determined
about pay
Ever yes
family term
in debt, or
muscle structure
again debt
presently at
Yes debt
too term
In progress yes
in debt too

In the scoring model of the indicators for predicting difficulties of enterprises according to the revised proposal of the topic, the focus will be on the default risk index by giving a weighted score of 40%. The remaining indicator is the bank debt repayment status of the subjects holding more than 25% of the charter capital (share capital) of the enterprise with the target weight of 10%.

Step 4: Scoring non-financial information indicators that have a direct impact on the likelihood of an enterprise’s financial difficulties based on four groups of criteria: Management level and internal environment, Factors outside the enterprise, Relationship with credit institutions, Operational characteristics of the enterprise as presented in Table 3.5 (Page 59).

Compared with thirty-two non-financial criteria in the corporate customer credit model currently applied at LienVietPostBank, the proposed model uses a set of thirty-three evaluation criteria. In particular, the model proposed by the topic changes the weights of four indicators to reduce duplication when calculating scores, including: Number of times of debt restructuring, Delay in interest payment, Number of times of incapacitated commitments. /delayed payment in the past 12 months at credit institutions; The enterprise’s debt repayment history with Lien Viet Post Bank; Trends in net cash flows; Source of debt repayment of enterprises according to the assessment of the GE. In addition, the model proposed by the topic has also added five new indicators to more accurately reflect the enterprise’s ability to cope with business risks and financial difficulties: assessed quarterly revenue compared to the same period last year; Coverage of the property subject to loss; The separation of duties and powers in the business leadership; Medium and long-term principal repayment capacity; Diversify industries and business fields. In addition, the quality of financial statements is also revised and weighted to better distinguish audited and unaudited financial statements.

Table 3.5: Scoring of non-financial information indicators of corporate credit according to the proposed amendment of the topic

Targets Initial score    Weight
1Management qualifications and internal environment     20%
1.1Calendar judicial history
of the person standing
head DN/Owner
Physical private calendar
France good, not yet
ever have money
judgment, criminal record
Is already used to have
suspect question,
type complaint
main awake
 Is already used to have
money judgment, money
Presently at
in progress is for
statue doubt
question France
the law or
in progress suffer
France law
access element
1.2Education level
question of people
stand head
DN/Owner DN
Above UniversityGrand learnHigh classcentral grantBelow Middle
grant or
are not yes
pine believe
power force regulator
onion and substance
quantity management
of the Owner
DN/Ban receive
Much business
experiment, yes
submit degree, thing
onion business
Karma good, set
machine leadership
is fine determined
matter quantity
manager reason in
level pretty,
the set machine
receive religion
is fine determined
 Yes lack of experience
matter quantity
manager business management
live average
jar, set
machine receive
religion unstable
Team five
receive religion
short business
test and
manager bad reason
1.4Uy trust, relationship
of the Business owner
above market,
with agencies
contact Mandarin
Yes reputation on
school, termite
Mandarin system very
good with muscles
Mandarin contact
Mandarin, can
end used for
NS develop
business Karma
 Normal relationship Bad relationship4%
check internal control
the set, organization structure
position of DN
NS process
check internal control
the set and rules
submit active
dynamic okay
set set up, update
Japan and check
tra usually
through, play
NS effective
high in reality
economic. Organization structure
position good
NS rules
submit check
control internal
Okay set
create but
are not access
Japan, check
tra usually
often. Muscle
structure organization
NS rules
submit check
control internal
exist at
but yet
Okay real
presently all
face in
real economic. Muscle
structure organization
still limited
processing most
NS rules
submit check
control internal
exist at
are not okay
main wake
chemical good
Okay write
Copy. Muscle
structure organization
still many
term processing
Are not yes
lip school
check control
internal the set. Muscle
structure organization
not yet complete
core internal
of the business
Very goodGoodRathercentral jarLeast3%
1.7Range look at battle
comb business
of the business
Yes vision
and strategy
terrible clear business
clear and have
count feasible
high in
real economy
 Yes vision
and battle
comb business
business, Tuy
course count
ability exam 1 number
school suitable
still limit
Are not yes
pine news do
guest goods
are from deny
bow grant because
physical do tell
Are not yes
war comb
tool can give
ever period
2External factors enterprise     ten%
Targets Initial score    Weight
2.1Exhibition hope development
develop branch
In progress in
stage paragraph
or developed
hope play
develop high
Similarity for
play develop,
Yes develop
 Fine determinedYes sign
failure quit
or are
failure withdraw
2.2Photo benefit from the policy of
Home water,
Main government,
Main right
geography direction
Yes policy
encourage/favor treat
and business
Karma until
use effective
main book
 Yes main
book tell
treat but
Karma yet
end use
brand fruit
main book
Are not yes
main books
private or
are not bear
Photo enjoy
much from
main books
(if Yes)
Term regime
play develop
2.3Source stability input materialsVery stable Relatively stable or There are fluctuations but little impact on business activities and profits of enterprises Unstable, influence big to business, profit2%
2.4Product capabilities of Enterprises are replaced by “substitute products” according to the assessment of GMOsVery difficult, market No replacement products within the next 1 yearRelatively difficultNormalRelatively easyVery easy, on the market There are many alternative products for consumers to choose fromfirst%
2.5Possibility to enter the market market (in the same industry/business field) of new enterprises as assessed by the CBAVery difficultDifficult, requires capital investment and large, highly qualified laborNormalRelatively easyVery easyfirst%
Targets Initial score    Weight
2.6Dependency of business activities under natural conditionsVery few dependenciesHave dependencies, influence trivial Depends a lotCompletely dependentfirst%
3Relations with CIs      
3.1Debt situation
too term/total
residual current debt
in of enterprises at
NS Credit institutions
0%Below 3%Are from 3% to
below 5%
Are from 5% to
below ten%
3.2Number Debt restructuring, late payment
interest, The number of times the
Orange ending
bar math
in 12 months
via at the
Credit institutions
0 timefirst time2 time3 timeAbove 3 times4%
3.3Debt repayment history of enterprises with Lien Viet BankAlways pay your debt on time   Ever had a debt transfer? overdue/restructuring repayment period or in the total outstanding balance currently owed out of date4%
3.4Using the loan in the wrong category the purpose of borrowing capital at Lien Viet BankNever used capital wrong goal   Have used capital wrong goal3%
Targets Initial score    Weight
3.5Billion balance weight
money send comments
Troops/Remnants debt
.’s army DN at Ngan
row Lien Viet
(in 12 months
20%Are from 10%
come under
Are from 5% to
below ten%
Are from 2% to
below 5%
3.6Number medium amount
jar the delivery
Translate with Ngan
row Lien Viet
> 65 – 63 – 4 < 25%
4Operational characteristics of the business     forty six%
4.1Taste position and possibility
power competition
of the business
Karma on the market
Love brand
post Sign at
water, okay
know to wide
cobble and spectrum
variable on the market
school, group
guide market leader
school about market
part and Uy
credit. Trend
play good development,
near the like
are not at risk
NS replaced
nice taste reduction
 Yes love
brand but
Okay know
come at
degree information
often, taste
wisdom belonging to
group play
develop okay
determined. Bear
NS edge
painting but
Yes direction
play develop clearly
clear to improve
good position.
In progress create
build picture
Photo. Products
service occupy
market section
small. Pressure
edge paintings
big, ability
power edge
painting at
central jar.
Karma small,
Hentai moving in
commit en
narrow, yet
Mandarin mind
come love
brand, ability
power edge
painting at
4.2Pham active
dynamic of business
Karma (range
pepper fertility
Toan country and
Yes activities
export password
(if only export
luxurious border
unicorn near tense
belong level
Only in
commit en
Vietnamese Male
or crime
Because border
unicorn near
In crime
Because domain
 In crime
Targets Initial score    Weight
with supplier
Complete all
owner dynamic and
Yes many
direction project
choose select head
into the
 Yes dependent,
although course
still likely
power thu
arrange if yes
variable dynamic
are from supplier
 Le belonging to
much on
home bow
with first partner
Market school
head out huge.
Business career
are not teary
belong on
one the handful of
opposite to output effect,
complete all owners
dynamic play
develop sell
 Termites Quan
generation average
often, two
beside all need
rely on
together to
together play
Karma only
Yes 1 few
opposite to first work
out, very teary
belong on
NS partner
4.5Matter newspaper volume
fox finance
Newspaper middle fox
real, full,
Yes audit,
to send on time
 Newspaper fox
central real,
full enough, send
correct term
are not okay
check math
poison create
Matter quantity
central vase,
counter muscle light
copy love
Figure talent
main DN,
although course
short full
and no
to send right
Matter quantity
least, newspaper
fox but
need edit
fix access
Japan many
for reflect
correct real
4.6Apply tissue
Figure management
presently great (ISO)
and process
labour Artisan
Is already deploy
pressure use 01
  Catch top/new
develop declare
pressure use
below 01
Are not pressure
Targets Initial score    Weight
4.7Wall accumulated
labour get wide
through receive
Okay prizes
bonus of
NS organization
Yes reputation
Ever receive
Okay the
prize bonus
  Not yet each
take okay
NS prize
bonus of
NS organization
4.8Coins direction
transfer money
Yes trend
get a raise (save
transfer money
pure in
period positive)
 Yes coin
direction reduce
(save transfer
money pure
in period
Yes coin
direction increase
(save transfer
money pure
in period
Yes coin
direction reduce
(save transfer
money pure
in period
minus) or
rolling credit
use no
Yes information
4.9Increase speed
chief business
collect quarter
price compared with the same
period last year
≥ 20%< 20%Are not increase
 Fall reduce2%
4.10Level of protection
dangerous of property
Yes possible loss
> 90%50% –
<50% Are not yes
tell dangerous
duty service,
permission force in
you leadership
business Karma
Yes split
full enough, spend
weather, very reasonable
Yes feces
Cup chi
weather, are
up to
complete good
job feces
Yes feces
Cup but
not yet full
and reasonable
 Not yet feces
4.12Possibility debt repayment capacity
origin medium and long
≥ 1.5 times≥ 1.3 times≥ 1 times≥ 0.5 times< 0.5 times2%
branch profession,
receive economic area
Multi format
around receive
area core
 Are not multi
form chemistry
 Multi form
chemistry outside
receive core area
4.14Debt repayment source
of the DN according to
fight price of
The source debt repayment
worth trust,
business career
complete all
ability ability to pay
in debt on time
  The source pay
in debt no
is fine determined,
Karma yes
can will mention
proposal structure
again time
pay in debt
The source pay
in debt no
sure sure,
Karma meet
difficult towel
in job
find source
pay in debt

(Source: proposal of the topic)

Date published: 01/11/2021
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