Solution Group To Improve Customer Satisfaction

In short, SCB’s products and services that are good, meet and satisfy the needs of customers will help SCB maintain the number of old customers and attract new customers from the old customers and this process continues. The show will help SCB build a solid and loyal customer base – this is an extremely important factor determining the success of the bank in the current competitive trend.

3.6.2. Solution group to improve customer satisfaction

Based on the theory presented in Chapter 1 along with the analysis of the current status of SCB’s products and services and the survey results on customer satisfaction with SCB’s service quality in Chapter 2, a number of solutions are proposed. proposed measures to improve customer satisfaction for SCB’s products and services. Group of solutions to improve reliability

Although the reliability of SCB after consolidation is higher than before, customers still rate it at quite good level. Therefore, SCB needs to focus on improving reliability to a higher level. Pay special attention to improving the following factors:

Improve safety for banks and customers in transactions

Research results show that customers rate transactions at SCB as safe and always receive protection from SCB with an average score of 3.5, down 0.09 compared to before the consolidation. Therefore, SCB needs to implement measures to increase safety for customers such as:

Firstly, at present, SCB has established a security company to professionalize the security 1

Firstly, at present, SCB has established a security company to professionalize the security profession. But now, the guard is only granted irons while before the consolidation the guard is equipped with electric sticks. Therefore, to ensure the safety of customers and banks, SCB should equip electric sticks for protection.

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Secondly, deploying more day protection at the transaction offices to avoid the risk of insecurity because currently at the transaction offices there is only one guard on duty during the day, when the guard is outside to ensure safety. Customer’s vehicle to the transaction cannot be observed inside the bank and vice versa.

Third, it is necessary to rectify or plan to relocate transaction offices with tight parking spaces/transaction spaces to ensure the safety of customers and the bank itself.

Receive and resolve customer inquiries quickly and satisfactorily

SCB has completed and developed customer care service channels such as Hotline, Suggestion Box, Email Suggestion, Website. However, customers rate this factor after consolidation lower than before consolidation with an average score of 3.53, down 0.11. Therefore, SCB needs to develop a process to resolve customer complaints, which clearly prescribes a specific time to resolve complaints, and at the same time improve the professional qualifications of transaction staff to have enough knowledge. Answering customer inquiries. In addition, transaction staff must regularly pay attention to and visit customers, enthusiastically solve problems and questions of customers.

Make and settle the transaction on time as promised to the customer

Although this factor is assessed post-merger compared to pre-consolidation (average score of 3.32, increased by 0.3), it is the lowest factor among the six factors of the Trust component. Therefore, in order to improve this factor, SCB needs to keep its commitments, absolutely not be late for appointments with customers and do it right from the first time, not to make mistakes; If there is a change, the customer must be notified in advance. This depends a lot on the qualifications and working skills of the employee. Therefore, SCB needs to focus on human resource development, regularly train transaction staff to improve their expertise and techniques in operating the system, their ability to deal with situations and understand policies. products and services of SCB in order to make transactions accurately and quickly for customers.

In addition to the recommendations based on the survey results, SCB should note the following points:

Develop appropriate customer care policies

– In addition to texting to introduce products and new promotions, SCB needs to build a department in charge of directly calling and consulting with potential customers.

– Customer care should not only focus on large customers, but should be deployed to customers who have been with them for a long time. SCB should organize customer conferences in combination with customer care activities such as giving gifts, creating conditions for customers to participate in tours and resorts.

Strengthen marketing – brand recognition

Customers often confuse SCB with some other banks due to similarities in the name, abbreviation and color of SCB’s logo. This makes it difficult for customers and partners to recognize SCB’s brand. Therefore, it is necessary to build a separate culture for the SCB brand, create higher efficiency in advertising and communication, create trust for customers, thereby promoting business activities, increasing sales. revenue and income for the bank through the following recommendations:

– Expanding advertising channels: not only advertising in newspapers, news programs, but also advertising on websites, at supermarkets, shopping malls, amusement parks or television programs with high number of followers.

– Diversify designs, types and quality of gifts for customers in promotions and customer care programs. Combine and integrate SCB brand in gift design to build brand image in customer’s mind.

– Maintain the community activities with bold humanity that have been done before on a larger and more professional scale through the cooperation with the company specializing in organizing events depending on the size and finance of each program. . Solution group to improve responsiveness

Of the nine elements of the Responsive component, seven of the post-merger factors have decreased their average score compared to pre-merger, but these seven factors are still rated as good by customers (average score from 4.17 to 4 ,39). The remaining two factors are rated higher by customers after the consolidation than before the consolidation but still at a good level. Therefore, SCB needs to pay attention to improve these two factors as follows:

SCB’s products and services meet most of customers’ needs

Currently, SCB focuses on savings products. It can be said that savings products have met the needs of the majority of individual customers. SCB’s transaction fee schedule is relatively low compared to the common ground. However, the new trend of banks is to provide convenient services to customers. SCB has also grasped this trend through the implementation of payment services for electricity, telephone, air tickets, mobile phone top-ups, etc., but it has not yet been able to pay for water bills and customers buying phone cards have to pay in card face value while outside customers get a discount. Therefore, SCB needs to promote the signing of a water bill payment contract through the bank with the Water Supply Company and an agreement with the phone card supplier to give discounts to customers who recharge their phone cards through the bank.

In addition, opening an ATM card at SCB usually takes 4 to 5 days, much slower than banks in the area. SCB’s ATM system has few ATMs and often fails, customers cannot withdraw money. Therefore, SCB needs to improve the issuance of ATM cards faster, invest in installing more ATMs and upgrade the ATM system so that ATMs do not fail when customers make transactions.

Records and transaction procedures are simple, clear, easy to understand and convenient

Currently, SCB does not have a transaction process with a specific transaction time for each transaction; SCB’s transaction form is not clear, confusing for customers, both redundant and lacking; procedures are many, customers have to sign many documents. Therefore, SCB needs to develop a transaction process to have a common transaction standard for the whole system; at the same time, improve the simple, clear and universal transaction form so that any customer can understand, can create a two/many form in one (one form can be applied to two/many transactions) and all forms must be bilingual (English) to facilitate transactions with international guests. Solution group to improve service capacity

The six elements of the post-merger service capacity component are rated higher by customers than before the consolidation. However, only one factor is good (the factor that SCB staff has enough professional knowledge to answer customer questions has an average score of 4.06), the remaining factors are quite good. . Therefore, SCB needs to improve the remaining factors as follows:

Manpower selection work

Selection of personnel in the direction of transparency and science. Develop a system of specific standards on qualifications, professional capacity and personal skills corresponding to each job position. In order to obtain quality human resources, SCB needs to expand its propaganda and advertising activities on recruitment, encouraging bank staff to introduce good and suitable candidates for the job.


Organizing professional courses for transaction officers to improve their professional skills in order to perform transactions accurately and with few errors; organize soft skills courses to improve behavior when interacting with customers; develop a scientific, reasonable and accurate recruitment process to recruit highly qualified and suitable employees with job requirements; encourage employees to self-study and self-improve knowledge by supporting tuition fees; have a policy of remuneration, reward and recognition of employees’ contribution efforts to satisfy their work and help customers to be satisfied with banking services. At the same time, organize annual professional exams to reward employees with high scores and detect weaknesses for timely improvement measures. In addition, there should be a plan to detect and train human resources to serve as core human resources in the future. Solution group to improve empathy for customers

Customer satisfaction for the Empathy component is at a pass level. Therefore, SCB needs to improve this component further through the following solutions:

Firstly, currently SCB has segmented individual customers under 40 years old and over 40 years old. SCB has a preferential policy for customers aged 40 and over (incentive plus interest if saving from 6 months or more) but more and more young customers come to transact with SCB. , so SCB should focus on this group of customers to have appropriate preferential policies and product design.

Second, it is necessary to serve in the way that customers expect to be served; care and understand customers, know the information and understand the practical needs of customers. Thereby, thoughtfully meeting the needs of customers while increasing cross-selling products to increase revenue and income for the bank.

Third, some customers, especially VIP customers, prefer to deal with only a few dealers. Therefore, customers should be able to choose transaction staff and each branch should have a separate transaction room for VIP customers.

In addition to the recommendations based on the survey results, SCB needs to pay attention to the following contents:

Improve the communication ability of the transaction staff

Transaction staff is an important factor, being the first person to directly deal with customers. It can be said that the teller is the face of the bank, reflected in the clothes, appearance, attitude, manners, especially the communication ability of the teller is one of the most important factors. has a direct impact on customers’ decisions to use products and services, and on customers’ impressions and trust in the bank. Therefore, improving the communication ability of the teller is important to do regularly.

Build a professional working environment

Working environment is one of the factors that directly affect the working efficiency of employees as well as the bank’s performance. Therefore, SCB is aiming to build a professional and friendly working environment and promote the support between departments/units.

The working environment should have periodic, public and transparent reward policies to recognize employees’ efforts at work and contributions to the bank’s business performance. Regularly organize and encourage employees to participate in community activities to exchange and exchange work experiences as well as improve internal solidarity and show SCB’s interest in life. employee morale. Group of solutions to improve the quality of tangible media

In general, the post-merger Tangibles component is rated higher by customers than before the consolidation. However, SCB needs to pay attention to improvements in image building as follows:

Date published: 01/11/2021
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