Evaluation Of Customer Satisfaction With Service Quality At Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank After Consolidation

– About SCB’s service quality assessment: Independent Sample T-Test for 34 observed variables of 5 service quality components between two individual and corporate customers. The majority of corporate customers have a higher assessment of service quality in 29 statistically significant observed variables (Sig < 0.05, Two tails) than individual customers. Particularly, 5 observed variables have no statistically significant difference between individual and business customers: TC2S, TC3S, DU9S, DU13S, and NL16S.

– About SCB’s service satisfaction: Independent Sample T-Test for 10 observed variables of 1

– About SCB’s service satisfaction: Independent Sample T-Test for 10 observed variables of customer satisfaction between two groups of individual customers and corporate customers. The majority of corporate customers have a higher evaluation of Customer Satisfaction at 10 statistically significant observed variables (Sig < 0.05, Two tails) than individual customers.

Test the difference in rating scores between male and female customers (see Appendix 11)

– Regarding the evaluation of service quality of SCB: The T-Test shows that there is a statistically significant difference (Sig < 0.05, Two tails) on the assessment of service quality between male and female customers. female for 10 observed variables TC4S, DU9S, DU10S, DU11S, DU12S, DU14S, DU15S, DC24S, DC27S, PT29S. The remaining variables have no statistically significant difference between male and female customers.

– Regarding the service satisfaction of SCB: in 10 observed variables, there are 4 observed variables that have a statistically significant difference between the satisfaction of male and female customers. Those are the variables DG TIN CAY, DG PTHH, CAM KET TRANSACTION DICH, GIOI THIEU DICH VU. The remaining variables have no statistically significant difference between male and female customers.

Test for differences in rating scores between ages (see Appendix 12)

– Regarding the assessment of service quality of SCB: The Anova test shows that the assessment of service quality of SCB between the ages has a statistically significant difference in 5 observed variables (DU9S, DU13S, DU15S, NL16S, NL17S). The remaining 24 variables did not have a statistically significant difference.

– Regarding SCB’s service satisfaction: Anova test shows that there are 4 variables with no statistically significant difference in SCB’s service satisfaction among age groups, which are variables DG DONG CAM, DG PTHH, DAP UNG YEU CAU, MUC TOA MAN. The remaining 6 variables have statistically significant differences in service satisfaction of SCB between age groups.

2.10. Evaluation of customer satisfaction with service quality at Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank after consolidation

Table 2.10: Evaluation of customer satisfaction

number of customers
Grade Points
Standard Deviation
Reliability rating2343.091.00
Assessment of responsiveness2343.811.28
Assessment of recovery capacity service2343.530.93
Evaluation of empathy2343.720.88
Vehicle Reviews material2344.211.01
Meet the requirements2343.011.10
SCB is the first choice fairy2343.380.88
Continue trading2344.290.79
Introducing SCB to others2344.260.80
Satisfaction level2343.660.62

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(Source: Appendix 9)

In general, customers are highly satisfied with SCB’s service quality and have a good attitude towards SCB in the future (the overall mean of 3.70 is higher than the average of the scale 3.00). Specifically, customers’ satisfaction with Tangibles and the commitment to continue transactions in the future as well as recommend SCB services to others is relatively high (Tangibles 4.21; Commitment to continue). continue transaction 4.29 and Refer SCB to others 4.26).

Besides, customers are still not satisfied with high reliability and still rate Satisfying needs as low (average 3.09 and 3.01), respectively.

Conclusion of chapter 2

Chapter 2 introduces an overview of SCB, the products and services that SCB is providing to customers and the results of SCB’s operations from 2008 to 2012. In addition, chapter 2 introduces research hypotheses based on the model. The study developed in Chapter 1 (see Figure 1.6) and assessed and tested by Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient and EFA factor analysis confirmed that the five components of the banking service quality scale are: Trust, Responsiveness, Service Capability, Empathy, and Tangible Means.

In general, customers are satisfied with the service quality of SCB. However, between individual customers and corporate customers, between male and female customers, and customers of different ages, there are differences in the level of satisfaction.

The results of the regression analysis showed that Empathy had the strongest impact (0.348), followed by Responsiveness (0.229), followed by Tangible Means (0.210), Reliability (0.119), and the last is Service Capacity (0.116). Thus, in order to increase customer satisfaction with the service quality of the bank, in addition to overcoming the limitations of the current status of products and services, SCB needs to give priority to the components that have a significant impact on the service quality. to customer satisfaction.


3.4. Orientation for development and improvement of service quality of Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank

3.4.1. Development orientation of Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank Target

With the operation orientation for the period 2010-2020, SCB strives to become one of the modern multi-functional retail banks with the best service quality in Vietnam. To achieve the above goal, SCB has determined that it is necessary to strengthen the entire organizational apparatus; consolidating and improving financial capacity and operational safety; capacity for administration, control and administration; prepare physical facilities and human resources; modernize information technology; building and perfecting, developing and diversifying products and services, creating a foundation for medium and long-term development. Content

  • Continuing to restructure the quality of Assets – Assets Liabilities, healthy financial situation, in which priority is given to handling the backlogs and improving operational safety ratios.
  • Building and perfecting the portfolio of products and services, making the most of deposit products and complementary products; diversify products and services suitable to specific economic conditions of each region and each target group; increasing the proportion of income from service activities in total income.
  • Review and restructure the operation network towards increasing operational efficiency.
  • Completing banking technology on the basis of Oracle Flexcube core banking system, focusing on developing e-banking products and services.
  • Improve risk management capacity, research and apply advanced risk management models, strengthen internal control inspection.
  • Strengthen the entire operating system to be dynamic, creative and transparent in order to improve the management and operation capacity of the bank.
  • Build and clearly define functions and tasks, decentralize and decentralize authority of departments/units, complete human resource allocation in the whole system, move towards consolidating the whole machine to operate in a streamlined way and effective.
  • Strengthen publicity and strengthen SCB’s image in the market through brand promotion, exposure and trade promotion.
  • Building a team of talented, dynamic personnel to meet the needs of business development in the new development period.
  • Focus on training professional sales skills for the sales team, contributing to improving the sales efficiency of SCB.

3.4.2. Orientation to improve service quality at Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank

In the context of increasingly fierce competition between banks, SCB continues to focus on improving the quality of customer service, striving to implement the operating motto “Perfect for customers” through many care programs. specific customers and have received a lot of emotional support from customers for SCB’s products and services.

SCB aims to build one of the national strong brands. At the heart of SCB’s branding strategy is the commitment to bring customers the right attention, worthy of the trust and expectations of customers for the bank. At the same time, SCB offers a wide range of banking products and services to differentiate it from other banks in the market. This is a basic business philosophy and has become a long-term goal in building trust and long-term loyalty among customers and will help SCB become the leading bank of choice in Vietnam.

3.5. Recommendations to the Government and the State Bank

3.5.1. For the Government

Firstly, curb inflation, stabilize the macro-economic environment, and create an appropriate and tight legal environment for all activities in the financial market. Especially in the field of e-commerce to develop the field of e-banking. The unstable development of the economy and high inflation rate also affect the bank’s operations. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to stabilize the economy and control inflation in order to contribute to creating a favorable environment and supporting the development of banks. To achieve this goal, it requires a synchronous combination of many measures and the coordination of implementation of agencies and local authorities.

Second, develop technical infrastructure – modern technology, ensuring the smooth operation of the banking network; reduce taxes, create favorable conditions for banks to import machinery and equipment to develop and modernize equipment, improve security and speed of document processing, and create conditions to develop into a modern bank. .

Third, develop and apply a system of supervisory, inspection, and risk management criteria as well as banking governance standards according to international standards in order to reduce risks of the whole system and improve the effectiveness of supervision. monitor the entire financial market; creating strong changes in human resources, technology, scale and management level of banking operations.

3.5.2. For the State Bank

Firstly, operating monetary policy on strict and flexible principles with priority given to controlling inflation, stabilizing the macro-economy, supporting economic growth and ensuring safe operation of the banking system. .

Second, improve the management mechanism, strengthen the inspection, examination and supervision of banking activities; complete the legal environment fully, synchronously and uniformly on various types of services in a way that is simple, easy to understand, in line with international practices and standards; modernize the technology infrastructure system, especially interbank electronic payment to keep up with the world development speed in order to create favorable conditions for banks to develop payment services.

Thirdly, the State Bank should have policies for commercial banks to really compete equally by improving the quality of products and services. The SBV needs to regularly and closely manage and promptly deal with unfair competition. The SBV needs to soon issue and complete legal documents on promotional activities in the banking industry to avoid unfair competition by rampant promotion.

Fourth, when inflation is controlled and the banking system has ensured liquidity, the SBV needs to have a roadmap to remove the ceiling deposit interest rate to create conditions for banks to decide based on their capacity and reputation. different deposit interest rates, creating competitive advantages.

3.6. Solutions for Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank

3.6.1. Group of solutions to improve service quality

Although customers rate SCB’s service quality after the consolidation is better than before the consolidation, in an increasingly fierce competition environment, customers’ needs are increasingly diverse and changing rapidly, banking services are not very easily copied. Therefore, in order to “keep old customers and gain new customers”, SCB needs to improve service quality and diversify more products and services.

SCB needs a specific service strategy to analyze and capture the factors that affect the changing needs of customers. Thereby offering products and services that are different from competitors to meet the needs of customers.

Firstly, SCB needs to diversify products and services in the direction of focusing on products with outstanding characteristics compared to products on the market in order to create a difference as well as a competitive advantage. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen training and build a system of personnel fluent in professional skills, foreign languages, and informatics; strengthen promotion, marketing and offer new products to customers; have preferential policies for traditional customers, potential customers.

Secondly, the modernization of banking technology is very important, helping the bank invent more and more new services to meet the increasing needs of customers and promote e-banking services to enhance the speed and convenience of transactions. Although SCB has successfully implemented the core banking system (Corebanking Flexcube), the types of products and services have been diversified to improve service quality and meet the increasing and diversified demands of customers. . However, compared to the core banking system of other banks, SCB’s Corebanking Flexcube is only in the early stages of development, so SCB needs to invest more to improve the core banking system to limit mistakes. errors, speeding up transaction times, developing more and more new products and services that satisfy more customers’ needs and increase the bank’s competitiveness.

Third, SCB needs to have a specific business strategy to recognize the current needs and anticipate the future needs of customers to be able to launch new products in line with the changing needs of customers. Building, consolidating and professionalizing the product research and development department. At the same time, SCB must closely monitor the service strategies of competitors to know and understand the current products and services in the market, thereby offering new products and services with high competitiveness. than.

Fourth, the transaction procedures and transaction forms of SCB are still cumbersome and confusing, the information on the form is both redundant and lacking. Therefore, SCB needs to simplify transaction procedures; edit and complete the transaction form which is simple, easy to understand but still full of information and legality to ensure the speed, accuracy and timeliness of transactions. In addition, all transaction forms need to be bilingual in English to facilitate transactions with foreign customers.

Fifth, currently, SCB only has one transaction office located at An Dong Plaza with the working schedule from Monday to Saturday (7:30 – 20 pm) and Sunday (9 am – 19 pm). SCB needs to expand more transaction offices located in commercial centers because these transaction offices have much lower construction and management costs than independent external transaction offices; In addition, the ability to operate longer hours, including weekends, is an ideal time to serve high-income clients and those who have to work all week.

Sixth, SCB has issued a set of Tai – Loc – Phu – Quy cards with feng shui colors and outstanding limits to meet the different needs of many customers, co-branded cards associated with schools. schools, businesses with many privileges and privileges for cardholders. At the end of 2012, SCB had 118 ATMs operating nationwide and 133 POS machines at hotels, restaurants, commercial centers, supermarkets, and retail stores. However, compared to the common ground, SCB has a small number of ATMs and POS machines. Therefore, SCB needs to focus on expanding the system of ATMs and POS machines to meet the needs of customers.

Seventh, SCB needs to pay attention to consulting, after-sales, service cross-selling and full service; setting up a hotline during and outside office hours to serve customers quickly, anytime, anywhere; Organize seminars to introduce new products/services to customers. SCB needs to widely communicate SCB’s products, services, image and brand to the public. It is necessary to make the public know the characteristics and characteristics of products and services, making customers prefer SCB’s services over other banks in the market.

Eighth, building standards of communication with customers, creating professionalism and creating SCB’s own characteristics to make a strong impression on customers; always direct employees to the motto “retaining old customers, attracting new customers”. In addition, promoting advertising, marketing on mass media, strengthening sponsorship programs… to promote and enhance brand values ​​is also very important.

Ninth, carry out the planning and reallocation of transaction points to suit the new development orientation and ensure high efficiency in providing banking services to customers. Linking with insurance companies, car dealerships, supermarket systems, amusement parks, entertainment… so that the employees in this company are the distributors of SCB’s products in order to develop the network. extensive distribution network to customers.

Date published: 01/11/2021
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