Business Performance Of  Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank

2.1.3. Products and services

With the motto of always bringing convenient products and services to meet customers' needs, MBBank has constantly improved the quality of existing products and services as well as researched and developed new products and services. Fundraising activities

MBBank has synchronously and flexibly used many solutions to create stability in attracting capital sources for business activities.

MBBank mobilizes capital from financial institutions and individuals through many different channels.

Funds mobilized from economic institutions through a sales network of management and vertical support from large enterprises and financial institutions (CIBs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and science and technology have brought effective. MBBank's capital mobilization methods are diverse and flexible in order to best meet the deposit needs of business and science and technology customers.

Along with the diversified deployment of traditional capital mobilization products, the implementation of modern banking services such as cash flow management, cash management and financial consulting services of MBBank and other companies. members have brought MBBank a great stability in capital.

MBBank pays great attention to mobilizing capital from the population. This is an activity that plays a decisive role in stabilizing capital flows for MBBank's business activities. Through deposit mobilization of science and technology, MBBank has deployed a series of utilities and products for HCN and is receiving increasing trust from these customers. Lending activities

MBBank provides loans to organizations and individuals in many forms such as short-term, medium-term and long-term loans; unsecured loans or with special assets; loans in many currencies, etc. MBBank has participated in financing many key economic and national defense projects through credit granting activities. In addition, MBBank implements many credit financing activities for customers who are corporations, small and medium enterprises, for individual economic households as well as individuals to borrow installment loans, serve customers. life or business.

In order to be able to best finance credit for corporate customers, MBBank has established a system of useful and supportive products and services, such as: Project financing for energy, oil and gas, seaports, etc. ; Loan by item/ credit line to finance working capital; Discount loans according to the set of export documents; Loans according to the overdraft limit; Domestic factoring; Equitization loans;…

To best meet the diverse needs of science and technology, MBBank has built and constantly perfected a system of flexible, convenient and convenient products, services and utilities for HCN such as: Car loan with installment payment; Loans for study abroad, labor export; Loans to buy apartment buildings, project land; Securities lending; Loans to advance securities sales; Equitization loans; Loans for production and business; Loan overdraft limit; Unsecured loans;…

Science and technology subjects are segmented and evaluated in line with MBBank's development strategy. The granting of credit to science and technology is considered on the principle of prudence, there is a strict control mechanism when lending, and customers must meet all financial conditions, business experience, ethics, ... regulations of MBBank. Bank guarantee activities

MBBank provides a variety of guarantee services such as bid guarantee, contract performance guarantee, advance payment guarantee, warranty guarantee, payment guarantee, tax payment guarantee, loan guarantee capital, guaranteeing product quality, etc. This activity has brought a large source of income for MBBank and so far has been safe and effective, without any significant risks. Payment Service

Domestic payment

MBBank provides domestic payment services through a network of transaction points and ATM systems, electronic banking systems and agreements with other banks to join their payment network. Specifically, MBBank provides domestic money transfer services, transaction account management services with deposit receipt, management, balance monitoring, and account services for customers. salary via account.

International payments

The network of more than 800 correspondent banks around the world has helped MBBank's payment activities be quick and accurate, which is highly appreciated by partners. The international payment services that the bank is providing include: Barter payment; Transfer money overseas; Transfer money from abroad to Vietnam; By collection by method of immediate payment (D/P) or deferred payment (D/A) in the role of collecting bank, bank transferring documents; Export letter of credit as advising, discounting or confirming bank; Export letter of credit; Discount on export documents; and Issuance of international guarantees. Card service

MBBank is increasingly diversifying card products, from domestic payment cards to international payment cards. To effectively serve card transactions at POS, ATM or internet transactions, MBBank has successfully connected with Smartlink card system and is an official member of Master.

2.2. Business performance of Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank

2.2.1. Fundraising activities

MBBank is considered as one of the large-scale banks in the banking system with high and stable capital mobilization ability, which has helped MBBank to control liquidity risks well in the difficult context of Vietnam's economy. and the world economy today. In the period of 2010 - 2012, despite facing many difficulties, MBBank made efforts to introduce policies to increase capital for the bank.

The situation of capital mobilization of Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank in the three years 2010, 2011 and 2012 is shown in the table on the next page.

Table 2.2. Capital mobilization situation of Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank in the period 2010 - 2012

Unit: billion VND

Targets20102011Year 2012Difference
Amount of moneyWeight
Amount of moneyWeight
Amount of moneyWeight
increased (+) decreased (-)
Reach rate (%)Amount
increased (+) decreased (-)
Reach rate (%)
Total NV mobilized65,74110089,549100117.74710023,80836.2128,19831.49
I. TG by term          
1. No term20.08730.5524.54727.4135.57630.214,46022.2011,02944.93
2. TG < 12 months45,58969.3564,91572.4972,00561.1519,32642.397,09010.92
3. TG >= 12 months650.10eighty seven0.1010.1668.642233.8510.07911585.06
II. TG by composition KT          
1. TG of economic organizations42.30464.3559,01665.9076.71665.1516.71239.5017,70029.99
2. Personal TG23.43735.6530.53334.1041.03134.857,09630.2810,49834.38
III. By deposit type          
1. VND49,29864.3466.85374.6691,47277.6917.55535.6124.61936.83
2. Foreign currency (conversion)16,44335.6622,69625.3426.27522.316.25338.033,57915.77

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(Source of annual report of Military Bank in 2010 - 2012)

In terms of scale

From Table 2.2, we see that MBBank has a relatively stable growth of mobilized capital. At the same time, in 2010, 2011 and 2012, amid the financial crisis and fierce competition among banks, capital mobilization had high and continuous growth. Total mobilized capital in 2010 was 65,741 billion VND; 2011 reached 89,549 billion VND, an increase of 28,808 billion VND, equivalent to 36.21% compared to 2010; in 2012 reached 117,747 billion VND, an increase of 28,198 billion VND, equivalent to 31.49% compared to 2011. The increase in mobilized capital over the years shows that the bank has attracted more customers and the reputation of the bank is increasing day by day. is enhanced. To achieve the above results, right from the beginning of 2012, MBBank has focused on implementing capital mobilization solutions such as: establishing a Steering Committee for Systematic Capital Mobilization,promulgate mobilization policies suitable for each region/region/customer segment, etc.

In terms of structure

Structure of deposits by term:

Based on the data table, we can see that the total capital mobilized from term deposits has fluctuated greatly over the years. In 2010 and 2011, demand deposits and deposits with terms of less than 12 months accounted for a large proportion in the structure of mobilized capital.

In 2010, demand deposits accounted for 30.55 shares, in 2011 this proportion was 27.41% of total mobilized capital. The proportion of deposits with terms of less than 12 months was 69.35 in 2010, and in 2011 was 72.39%. But by 2012, the bank had a shift in mobilizing structure, mainly from deposits with terms of less than 12 months and deposits with terms of 12 months or more. Because in 2012, the bank was actively looking for new customers who wanted to use ATM cards or payment cards with preferential rates. However, the capital mobilized from demand deposits is not stable and fluctuates depending on the depositor's demand for capital. So,The bank has focused on increasing the structure of deposits with a term of more than 12 months so that it can meet the demand for medium and long-term loans without having to use short-term capital in order to minimize risks and related costs. Mandarin. Besides, MBBank has built many programs and actively implemented such as: "Save MB, be happy in spring, win big", "Save MB, have fun in summer", "Saving MB, imprinting golden fortune" ... Thanks to that, deposits with a term of more than 12 months had a strong transformation, from 65 billion dong in 2010 and 87 billion dong in 2011 to 10,166 billion dong, equivalent to 8.64% of total resources. capital mobilized in 2012, helping MBBank save costs and increase profits this year. Therefore, banks need to continue to maintain existing policies, expand and develop new policies to attract more customers and maintain the reputation of the bank.

Deposit structure by economic sectors:

Mobilized capital from customers is the core and most stable source of mobilization, accounting for the dominant proportion of total mobilized capital of MBBank. Funds mobilized from financial institutions through the sales network of management and vertical support from CIB, SME and Science and Technology sectors have brought high efficiency to the bank. In the structure of mobilization from customers, deposits from financial institutions account for a large proportion of over 60%, the rest is mobilized from individuals. Deposits of financial institutions in 2010 accounted for 64.35% of total mobilized capital, 65.90 in 2011 and 65.15% in 2012 respectively. In addition, deposits from individuals had a balance of VND23,437 billion in 2010 accounting for 25.65% of the total source, the balance in 2011 was VND30,533 billion, accounting for 34.10% and the balance in 2012 was VND30,533 billion, accounting for 34.10%. VND 41,031 billion, equivalent to 34.85% of total mobilized capital.Although deposits from individuals account for not as high a proportion as deposits from financial institutions, they are a decisive component in stabilizing capital flows for MBBank's production and business activities. In the current situation, the financial institutions are facing difficulties in production and business activities, so the deposits from this audience decreased slightly, mainly, the financial institutions only deposited money with a term of less than 12 months to add income. Meanwhile, the capital source from the population is very large and abundant, this object often deposits with a term of more than 12 months. Moreover, deposits of financial institutions account for a large proportion of total mobilized capital, so the risk of illiquidity of this type of capital is very high. Therefore, banks need to have more effective policies to mobilize capital from individuals. In 2012, the State Bank adjusted the ceiling deposit interest rate four times from 14%,down to 13% , 12 , 11 and 9 . In order to maintain a stable and growing capital, MBBank established a Capital Mobilization Steering Committee, issued appropriate capital mobilization policies, organized attractive mobilization programs and products, and actively developed corporate customers. military, in addition to the army...

Structure by type of deposit:

The difference between funds mobilized from domestic currency and foreign currency can be clearly seen.

Deposits in VND in 2012 were VND 91,472 billion, accounting for 77.69 (in 2011 the proportion was 74.66, in 2010 accounting for 64.34), an increase in absolute number of VND 24,619 billion, equivalent to an increase of 36, 83 compared to 2011. Although the amount of foreign currency deposits increased, the proportion of foreign currency deposits decreased over the years. Foreign currency deposits accounted for 35.66 in 2010 and 25.34 in 2010 and accounted for 22.31% of total resources in 2011. The reason is because in 2012, the State Bank lowered the foreign currency deposit interest rate ceiling to 2 /year, so the proportion of deposits in USD decreases. Moreover, the deposit interest rate in VND is higher than the deposit interest rate in USD, so the mobilized capital in VND accounts for a high proportion. However, under the influence of inflation, foreign currencies appreciate, especially USD, so deposits in foreign currencies also increase.

Thus, through the above analysis, we can see that MBBank has used diverse, flexible and highly effective forms of capital mobilization to create favorable conditions to meet the capital needs of borrowers. But besides that, banks need to ensure the minimum capital adequacy ratio as prescribed by the State Bank of Vietnam, and take measures to maintain the growth of deposits from customers in the long term.

2.2.2. Activities of using capital (mainly lending activities)

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