Developing card services at Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank - 7

fight in vain.

5.4 For card association

Card Association should Create a healthy competition environment among card business banks; stipulating the minimum and maximum payment fees in card payment activities. Focusing on solving problems in the Bank's card business, organizing seminars on card technology, helping commercial banks gain more experience because technology is always the key and decisive issue. the success in card operations of each Bank. Develop financial and non-financial mechanisms as well as strict sanctions to sanction and encourage commercial banks to do card business.


As a bank that is always at the forefront of technological innovation and product development efforts, at the same time with the desire to bring to its customers payment tools that bring investment efficiency and financial safety. ; In recent years, Viet A Joint Stock Commercial Bank has constantly researched, researched and applied the most advanced technologies in the world to be able to better meet all the needs of customers.

Through research at Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank, I found that the Bank's card products have unique features that are highly competitive compared to other banks in the area. However, in the near future, in order to be able to develop this type of payment further as well as to be able to compete well with other banks in the same field of card business, the bank should actively innovate its method of payment. operating methods, catching up with development trends in the world, as well as strengthening measures, improving card issuance and payment activities, so that the Bank's card services can attract more and more customers. requires the Bank to make more efforts in diversifying utilities, card products, training staff

professional resources, exploiting potential markets, regularly implementing many big promotion and promotion programs, as well as other important factors...

On the basis of analyzing and evaluating card services at VietABank, I would like to boldly present some solutions to contribute to the card service development strategy at the Bank. Due to limited knowledge, it is inevitable that shortcomings can be avoided. We would like to receive the advice of teachers, and staff at Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank.


1. Vietnam Card Association - Report on card business of Vietnamese banks - 2011-2014

2. Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank - Report on business results 2011-2014

3. Viet A Joint Stock Commercial Bank - Report on card operations 2011-2014

4. Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank - The process of guiding professional card issuance and payment

5. Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank - Card Center (2014) - Card training manual.

6. Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam - Agribank card information page






12. Kinh-te




1. International credit cards:

VietABank - Visa international credit card is issued by VietABank for customers to use to pay for goods and services or withdraw cash with the feature "spend first, pay later"


 Use the money advance from the Bank to pay the bill

goods and services at points accepting international Visa cards.

 Order goods and services over the Internet.

 Withdraw cash at ATMs or at banks.

 Payment of electricity, water, telephone, cable TV bills,


 Very convenient and safe when you or your loved ones often

often go abroad for business, tourism or study abroad because you can spend without having to pay

Bring lots of cash.

 Easily pay and control your child's living expenses while studying abroad (through the use of a supplementary card).

 Spend first - pay later with up to 45 days interest free.

 Receive credit limit fluctuation information via SMS.

 Participating in many promotions and discounts offered by VietABank and

Card acceptor provided from time to time.

Transaction limit

Table 3.2: Limits of international card transactions

card type


Yellow card

Standard card

Maximum spending limit for 1 transaction

VND 50,000,000

20,000,000 VND

Maximum spending limit 1 day

VND 50,000,000

20,000,000 VND

Number of times spent in a day

10 times

10 times

Maximum cash withdrawal limit 1 time at ATM

2,000,000 VND

2,000,000 VND

Maximum cash withdrawal limit 1 day at ATM

20,000,000 VND

20,000,000 VND

Maximum number of withdrawals 1 time at ATM

10 times

10 times

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Developing card services at Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank - 7

Source: Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Release object

- Main card: Individuals aged 18 and over

- Supplementary card: Individuals aged 15 and over

Registration Profile

- Application letter for VietABank international credit card.

- Copy of valid ID/Passport.

- Personal records to prove income or collateral for credit line granting.

2. Domestic debit card:

First: Advance Card:

Advance Card is a domestic debit card product with the Advance brand of VietABank, capable of making online and non-online payments with

High security.. Advance Card product is a card product for both offline payment and online payment. The chip part of the Advance Card is used to pay for goods and services offline and withdraw cash at card-accepting points; part of the word used to withdraw cash automatically and perform some other services at an ATM


The card connects to the customer's deposit account at VietABank, allowing customers to use the money in the account to transact anytime, anywhere via internet Banking service, at ATM VietABank, ATM with logo Smartlink/ Banknetvn/VNBC nationwide:

 Look up account balance

 Look up the last 5 transactions

 Transfer money to VietABank card account.

 Pay at card acceptance points (POS) with Banknetvn/VNBC logo.

 Withdraw cash, check balance at ATM/POS of VietABank, ATM with Banknetvn/VNBC logo.

 Special:  FREE  cash withdrawal at ATMs of VietABank and ATMs with Banknetvn/VNBC logo.

 Buy online at many websites

 Money in the card still earns interest (according to the interest rate of the deposit account


Transaction limit

Table 3.3: Advance card transaction limit


Yellow card

Standard card

Transactions at ATM

Maximum withdrawal amount 1 time (VND)

10,000,000 won

10,000,000 won

Maximum withdrawal amount 1 day (VND)

100,000,000 VND

50,000,000 VND

Minimum withdrawal amount 1 time (VND)

50,000 won

50,000 won

Maximum number of withdrawals 01 day

30 times

15 times

Transfer up to 01 time (VND)

20,000,000 won

20,000,000 won

Transfer up to 01 day (VND)

100,000,000 VND

50,000,000 VND

Maximum number of transfers 01 day

10 times

10 times


Yellow card

Standard card

Transactions at POS

Maximum payment amount 01 time (VND)

100,000,000 VND

50,000,000 VND

Maximum payment amount 1 day (VND)

100,000,000 VND

50,000,000 VND

Minimum payment amount 01 time (VND)

5,000 won

5,000 won

Maximum number of payments 01 day

10 times

10 times

Source: Regulations on card transactions of Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Release object

- Main card: Individuals aged 18 and over

- Supplementary card: Individuals aged 15 and over

Registration profile:

- Registration form for individual customer service.

- Copy of ID card/Passport (no need to notarize)

Second: Thang long card:

Celebrating the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long, VietABank launched the Thang Long card product line with the VietABank brand with many features and utilities on the e-banking platform and developed product lines for high-end customers. This is an effective investment solution for customers.

Thang Long card utility:

 Basic features of a bank card (withdrawal, transfer, payment...) with an account balance of 500,000 VND.

 Ensure regular payment ability of customers.

 Customers can manage their trading cash flow more effectively, by short-term investment of temporarily unused funds in their current account.

 Customers can shorten the transaction time without going to the delivery counter

services of VAB through the use of e- banking services .

 When customers make transactions via e-banking services, customers will receive the following incentives:

o  Transfer transactions up to 500,000,000 VND.

o  Free domestic money transfer.

o  Customers are preferentially exempted from some of the following fees: account opening fee, account management fee, cash collection fee at home from VND 500,000,000 or more.

Release object:

Applies to individual Vietnamese customers or foreigners who are lawfully residing and working in Vietnam, having full capacity for human acts and civil legal capacity as prescribed by law.

Card usage scope:

Thang Long card issued by VietABank is a means of payment circulated and used within Vietnam.

Transaction limit:

- Maximum cash withdrawal/day: 100,000,000 VND

- Maximum cash withdrawal/time: 10,000,000 VND

- Maximum transfer/day: VND 100,000,000

Using fee:

According to VAB's regulations from time to time

Card issuance profile:

- Request card issuance (according to VietABank's form)

- Copy of ID card or Passport (no visa required, please bring the original for bank staff to compare).

Third: Co-branded  cards: Yeah1 Passport Card, Vinh Today Passport Card, EZMart Card, E-Banking Card...have similar features to Advance cards.

Fourth: Education card:

This is a card that integrates the bank's domestic debit card with the technology and student management system of universities, colleges, high schools...

Product features:

In addition to the function of being an ATM card and also a student card associated with the learning process at the school: entering the Library, taking attendance when going to class, entering the computer room, exam card, paying tuition fees, accepting school scholarships... of the students.

The educational card also gives students the preeminent features of a Bank card, making convenient transactions: Transfer money, withdraw money at ATMs of VietABank and ATMs in Smartlink, VNBC card alliances. , Banknetvn, payment and withdrawal at nearly 28,000 card-accepting points of VietABank, Smartlink, and VNBC systems throughout the country. Join programs to accumulate bonus points, discounts, loyal customers…

Card users:  Students from universities, colleges, professional secondary schools and high schools nationwide.

Scope of card use:  Cards are circulated and used within Vietnam.

Transaction limit:  According to the limit prescribed by Advance card, especially Payment for goods and services: Limit of one hundred million VND per day (100,000,000 VND/day)



1. History of formation:

After the country's reunification, Vietnam's economy operated under a centrally planned and subsidized mechanism, in which the Finance - Banking sector was completely held by the State. At the 6th National Party Congress, the Communist Party of Vietnam advocated the renewal of a centrally planned and subsidized economy into a socialist-oriented market economy with many economic sectors participating in the first place. investment in production, business and service industries, including the financial and banking sectors.

In that context, in 1991, Ho Chi Minh City Jewelry Company - SJC established two credit institutions in two big cities:

- Da Nang Rural Commercial Joint Stock Bank in Da Nang city.

- Saigon Finance Joint Stock Company in Ho Chi Minh City (SFC)

Since their establishment, these two organizations have operated stably and effectively for 12 years. In 2003, in order to strengthen the strength and increase the competitiveness of each economic unit when Vietnam's economy integrates with the global market, with the permission of the State Bank of Vietnam, the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. Da Nang Village and Saigon Finance Joint Stock Company have merged to form a new legal entity called  Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VAB) . On the basis of inheriting the activities of Saigon Joint Stock Finance Company and Da Nang Rural Commercial Joint Stock Bank, VAB officially operates under the model of an urban commercial joint stock bank.

Established in 2003, Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VietABank) is one of the young banks in the system of commercial banks in Vietnam. It is quite surprising that this is one of the members of the system with the most outstanding performance in 2009, while many seniors still struggle because of the impact of the crisis.

As of December 31, 2009, the total assets of this bank were VND 15,883 billion, an increase of 54% compared to the previous year and exceeded the plan. Notably, in this difficult year of the market, VietABank's profit was up to 274 billion VND, equal to 300% compared to 2008. And after nearly 7 years of operation, VietABank has become a financial institution that has rapidly growing scale, with nearly 1,300 officers and employees, 61 transaction points across the country (including 1 Head Office, 14 branches and 46 transaction offices); has agency relationships with over 380 correspondent banks in 65 countries around the world and total charter capital reaches VND 1,632 billion.

Those quick and effective steps are creating a solid foundation for this bank in terms of financial potential, professional expertise and a reputable brand name in the market. During those nearly 7 years of operation, VietABank has been affirming its capacity in financing activities, trading in gold and foreign currencies, and especially in the development strategy of a modern and dynamic retail bank in Vietnam. Lately year.

Following the successes achieved, VietABank is increasingly asserting itself with the current main goal of becoming a leading modern electronic bank in the market, providing convenient products and services at various prices. added value and a dedicated and professional customer service style. Step by step concretizing this goal, VietABank has officially launched the Advance Card smart card market and soon MiPay e-wallet with the role of an effective payment and financial management tool for customers. These are the initial products for technology investment efforts in recent years.

Orientation for 2010, VietABank plans to sharply increase charter capital to

3,000 billion dong. This new charter capital not only ensures legal requirements but also creates favorable conditions for the bank to accelerate investment and expand operations. Also in 2010, in addition to the plan to sharply increase charter capital, VietAbank set a target of total assets of VND 23,000 billion, equivalent to a growth rate of 45%; pre-tax profit reached 498 billion dong, up 82%; The network of branches and transaction offices is expanded with 78 transaction points across the country.

With the orientation of developing a modern electronic bank, in 2010, VietABank is expected to put the new Core Banking system into operation, serving as the foundation for the development of products and services; modernize the transaction system, develop e-commerce and banking services; bringing integrated products and services into the information technology system to increase convenience for customers and increase service revenue; develop a modern banking management model, in the direction of automating the entire system, innovating processes, procedures and operating methods in line with international practices and standards… According to the plan, VietABank will continue to invest an additional VND 78.92 billion to purchase information technology equipment in 2010.

2. Introduction of Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, Board of General Directors:  Board of Directors (BOD):

- Chairman of the Board of Directors: Mr. DO Cong Chinh

- Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors: Mr. TRAN QUOC HAI

- Member of the Board of Directors: Mr. DAO DUC Nghia

- Member of the Board of Directors: Mr. NGUYEN VAN THANH

- Member of the Board of Directors: Ms. NGUYEN THI PHUNG

- Member of the Board of Directors: Mr. PHAN VAN TOI

- Member of the Board of Directors: Mr. LAM TRIEU Supervisory Board:

-  Head of Supervisory Board: Ms. VO THIEN NHI

-  Member of the Supervisory Board: Ms. BOI THI HOI TRANG

-  Member of the Supervisory Board: Ms. TRAN THI TONG CHI Board of Directors:

-  General Director: Mr. PHAM DUY HUNG

-  Deputy General Director: Mr. DO Hoang Thieu

-  Deputy General Director: Mr. PHAM NGOC DE

-  Deputy General Director: Ms. NGUYEN NHON MAI LY

-  Deputy General Director: Mr. VU VAN KHANG

-  Deputy General Director: Mr. NGUYEN QUARTER

-  Deputy General Director: Ms. NGUYEN THI THU HANH

Organization chart of Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank:


























Date published: 10/04/2022
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