The Forces Involved In Career Guidance, Job Counseling For Students At The College Of Statistics

Develop a plan of career guidance activities and job counseling for students; Organize resources to carry out career planning and job counseling for students; Directing career guidance and job counseling activities for students and strengthening the examination and evaluation of career guidance and job counseling for students. In order to effectively conduct career guidance and job counseling for students, management requires school administrators to pay attention to changes in socio-economic context, labor market needs to determine guiding the development of content, programs and plans to deploy career guidance and job counseling activities for students; diversify organizational forms, build a coordination mechanism among stakeholders, improve the capacity of consultants and managers of functional departments and create favorable conditions for civil servants and resources for implementation.

These are the basic theoretical issues as a basis for the author to evaluate the current situation 1

These are the basic theoretical issues as a basis for the author to evaluate the current situation of career guidance and job counseling for students at the College of Statistics in chapter 2.

Chapter 2


2.1. About the College of Statistics

2.1.1. History of formation and development

The College of Statistics was established on August 23, 2004 under the Decision No. 4700/QD-BGD&DT of the Minister of Education and Training on the basis of upgrading the Central School of Statistics Officers. The predecessor of the Central School of Statistical Officers was the Statistical Professional School, which was established on February 20, 1960. On January 8, 1966, the School of Statistical Professional Affairs was renamed the School of Statistical Officers; From June 1977 the School of Statistical Officers was renamed the Central School of Statistical Officers. July 2005 The school officially enrolls the first regular college course; The university has trained and fostered for the industry and the country over 30,000 statisticians, accountants, informatics and other economic management professionals at intermediate and college levels.

Currently, the school is implementing multi-disciplinary training with many majors such as Statistics; Financial accountant; Management information system, Finance and banking; Business Administration. The school is an institution for intermediate and college training, scientific research, application and technology transfer in the fields of economy, culture, science and technology; plays a pivotal role in the system of professional training schools in statistics. The College of Statistics has 20 majors in training systems, of which: the intermediate system with 15 majors, the college system with 20 majors and associate training with universities and masters with 15 majors. In the development process of the school from now to 2020, the school is expected to open 16 undergraduate majors, 5 master’s majors. The school has cooperated with prestigious universities to provide transfer training from intermediate to college, from college to university, which has well met the needs of students. The school regularly contacts manufacturing enterprises in the fields of electronic equipment, information technology, telecommunications to help students practice and experience careers and create the best conditions for learners to access electronic equipment and technology. Since then, it has met the needs of higher education and created job opportunities for students after graduation. Over the years, with the attention of the leaders of the General Statistics Office, functional branches, political organizations where the school is located, the school has constantly developed; create prestige in the field of training, international cooperation, scientific research; the school has been fully invested in construction of work items and facilities; about equipment. The College of Statistics is considered by the society as having a good educational environment, qualified and qualified staff.

2.1.2. Functions and tasks of the College of Statistics

The school has the function of training and fostering staff with college and lower qualifications, including major majors: Statistics, Accounting, Information Technology, Business English, Banking and Finance. , Economics, Investment and Business Administration with good political and ethical qualities, with appropriate knowledge and professional skills, meeting the needs of human resource training for the economic development of the industry and the society. society, have the ability to cooperate in professional activities, create jobs for themselves and for the society.

Scientific research and technological development to serve the development requirements of the Statistics industry and socio-economic development; have combined training with scientific research, application of science and technology in statistical activities and socio-economic management in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Statistics, the Law on Science and Technology, the Law on Education and other provisions of the law.

2.1.3. Training scale

To clearly see the training scale of the College of Statistics in recent years, the author has collected the school’s birth management data as follows:

Table 2.1. Training scale of the College of Statistics in recent years

School yearTraining industryNumber of studentsOverall
2017-2018Mini List143885
 Next Maths523 
 Generation Economic Information Systemsixty four 
 Governance Business Management70 
 Finance The Bank itself55 
 Session Translate Business English30 
2018-2019Mini List156945
 Next Maths582 
 Generation Economic Information System60 
 Governance Business Managementeighty six 
 Finance The Bank itself30 
 Session Translate Business Englishthirty first 
2019-2020Mini List186988
 Next Maths592 
 Generation Economic Information System75 
 Governance Business Management77 
 Finance The Bank itself28 
 Session Translate Business English30 

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(Source of Department of Training & Management – ​​Statistics of training scale of the College of Statistics)

With many enrollment consulting activities, with the increasing quality of training, the enrollment still maintains and ensures a reasonable scale, besides, the school expands its association with universities for training. university level linkage. That shows the efforts of the Board of Directors, departments, departments and the faculty and staff who have made great efforts in the recruitment and teaching of majors at the school.

The General Statistics Office (GSO) has coordinated with the Statistical Departments of the provinces and localities to open many training courses on statistical skills for civil servants and public employees in the industry with more than a thousand turns of people.

The university has a cooperative relationship with Statistics Sweden, United Nations Population Fund, SIDA Sweden, Statistics Asia Pacific, Statistics Korea, Statistics Japan, Statistics France. , American University; helping Laos and Cambodia in training and fostering cadres.

2.1.4. Staff and lecturers

The College of Statistics has the following organizational structure:

Board of Directors (including 01 Principal and 02 Vice-Principals)

5 Faculties and 3 subjects include:

– Department of Statistics

– Faculty of Accounting – Finance

– Faculty of Information Technology

– Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

– Foreign language departments

– Department of Foundations

– Department of Political Theory

– Department of National Education and General Education

Function rooms include: Department of Training and Scientific Management; Department of Examination and Education Quality Assurance; Student Affairs Office; Organization and Administration; Office; Dormitory Management Board; Clinics; Center for Recruitment and Employment Support.

In addition, like other colleges and universities, the University also has political organizations and mass organizations such as the Party Committee, Trade Union, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, and Student Union operating according to regulations. provisions of the law.

College of Statistics has a team of staff, lecturers and staff with good professional qualifications, capable of meeting the current training needs of the University.

Table 2.2. Statistics of officials, lecturers and staff of the school

    Faculty membersFaculty membersFaculty members  
STTQualification, Degree, Title nameNumber of managers, multiply tabletsNumber of lecturersTeachers on the permanent staff continue teachingOnline long-term contract teacher continue teachingPart-time lecturer is the CBQLVisiting teacher in waterInternational Lecturer
firstUp doctor562 4  
2Master doctor14sixty seven5017   
3Grand learn212 2   
4High classfirst      
5central grant3      
6Submit other degreesten      

(Source of Administrative Department – Statistics and classification of school administrators, teachers, and staff as of March 2020)

2.1.5. School facilities

The total area of ​​land used by the school is 21,600 m2, of which the working area is 3,300 m2; study place is 8,322 m2 ; entertainment place is 9,378 m2 ; living quarters ( dormitory) is 11,000 m2 ; classroom area is 8,322 m2. Consists of:

– Lecture hall: 40 classrooms;

– Computer room: 10 rooms;

– Lab room: 06 rooms;

– Statistics and Accounting practice room: 02 rooms;

– Distance learning room: 04 rooms;

– Conference room: 02 rooms.

– The effect of

– Information Center – Library

– Hall, Gymnasium, Canteen – canteen.

The work items are connected by a convenient system of internal roads interspersed with gardens, small green trees and flower gardens.

The total number of books in the school’s library is 48,074 books. The total number of books associated with the university’s degree-granting disciplines is 24,844 books. The total number of computers of the school is 379 sets (54 sets for office systems, 325 sets for students to study).

In addition, other equipment such as fotocopy machines (07 units), printers (40 units), fast printers (02 units); Projector projectors (16 sets), network servers (04 units), air conditioners (63 units).…

– LAN system, fiber optic Internet, wifi covering the whole school.

(Source of Finance Department – School TS inventory report as of March 2020)

2.1.6. The forces involved in career guidance, job counseling for students at the College of Statistics

a) Student Affairs Office

Advise and assist the Principal in managing students, students and alumni; implementing regimes and policies towards students; advising and supporting students during their time at the school.

* Mission

Act as the focal point for promulgating, guiding and supervising the implementation of management documents on student and student work. Completing regulations and close coordination mechanisms between departments.

Acting as the focal point for student and student management from admission to graduation: admission organization, class division, class personnel committee, records management, issuance of certificates related to birth records pellets.

Act as the focal point in organizing the implementation of the Party’s and State’s guidelines and policies, the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, the College of Statistics and the locality. in student and student work, take appropriate measures to put student and student work in order, ensure fairness, publicity, transparency and democracy in student and student work and ensure students, students exercise their rights and obligations.

Acting as the focal point in the management, assessment and training of students during their study at the University; Coordinating with the training department in implementing the process of considering suspension and expulsion for learners based on the suggestions of relevant lecturers and units.

Act as the focal point to organize the implementation of the opening and closing schedule. Periodically organize direct dialogues between students and school leaders and encourage them to regularly reflect and give suggestions to the school through the school’s website and suggestion box;

Develop a mechanism to coordinate with local authorities in the management of out-of-school students.

Act as the focal point in the implementation of social insurance regimes, policies and policies; Guide, inspect and supervise the implementation of regimes and policies for students.

Act as the focal point to guide and organize the implementation of rewards, discipline and scholarships for students.

Act as the focal point to establish, organize and develop the network of alumni and students; coordinate in implementing activities to collect feedback from alumni, feedback from employers.

Act as the focal point to implement exchange activities for students; statistics and reports on the employment situation of students and graduates after graduation.

Acting as a focal point in career counseling and support for students after graduation; Work with employers to connect with students.

Perform other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.

b) Center for Recruitment and Employment Support

The Center for Recruitment and Employment Support (hereinafter referred to as the Center for short) under the Department of Training and Science Management – College of Statistics was established under Decision No. Setting up the Center for enrollment counseling and job placement for students of the Rector of the College of Statistics has the following basic functions and tasks: Enrollment counseling, career guidance, business relations, and job placement. for students; organizing training, fostering soft skills and extra-curricular activities for students…

* Propaganda and recruitment consulting

– Organizing activities to introduce and promote the image of the University to attract candidates to participate in the recruitment;

– Organize recruitment consulting activities to provide information about the training program of the training major, the enrollment targets of each major.

* Information counseling and support for students in learning

– Consulting on rules, regulations, regimes and policies in studying and scientific research for students, especially focusing on supporting students with difficult circumstances, students from ethnic minorities, orphan students.

– Consulting, updating and providing information about learning for students.

Date published: 01/11/2021
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