Content Of Career Guidance And Job Counseling Activities For Students

Counseling is a process, an interaction, a source of potential (ability) and self-determination. Social issues are a process, it is necessary to have time to observe and monitor not only during the counseling process, but also after consulting; is the process of helping clients and counselors develop (cognitive,..); is the process towards human morality; is the process of not being the client.

Counseling is an interactive process that helps clients understand their problems and unleashes 1

Counseling is an interactive process that helps clients understand their problems and unleashes their potential to solve their own problems. The interaction is carried out through dialogue between the counselor and the client, through which the client understands their difficult situation, feels their role in solving their problem. This process requires that clients actively cooperate with the counselor, and there must be honesty on both sides of the client and the counselor.

The source of potential is the process by which the counselor must evoke the potential of the client, help the client control his emotions and adapt to his or her situation. This is the process of encouraging and motivating the clients, together with the client to clarify the potential they have, to help the client become stronger, dare to think, dare to do, free themselves from their difficulties.

Self-determination is to help the client take responsibility for his or her own life, find a solution for himself, the counselor only illuminates the problems, provokes the problems.

Counseling for self-awareness, awareness of reality, especially understanding of defenses, ways that self and others often use to react to surrounding influences.

Counseling for unity in people (emotions, behaviors, etc.). The consulting profession is not only based on skills but also on potential (attitude system…).

Counseling to adapt to the environment, adapt to work.

Consulting to be able to make the right and firm decisions. In this study, consulting is used to understand that consulting is the activity of collecting, processing information, applying professional knowledge, detecting problems, proposing solutions and plans, making projects and monitoring and evaluating the results of the project. Professional organizations and individuals perform independently and objectively at the request of consulting users.

Maybe you are interested! Job

Standing on different research angles, many definitions have been given to clarify: “What is a job”. And in different countries due to the influence of many factors (such as economic, political, legal conditions…) people’s conception of employment is also different. Therefore, there is no universal and most general definition of employment.

According to Article 9, Labor Code 2012: “Employment is an income-generating labor activity that is not prohibited by law”.

Thus, an activity is considered an employment when it has the following characteristics: It is the work for which the employee receives wages, which is the work in which the employee earns profit for himself and his family. such activity must be recognized by law.

In fact, the above work is expressed in 3 forms:

One is to do work to receive wages, salaries or in kind for that work.

Second, doing work for personal gain while having the right to use or own (partially or wholly) the means of production to carry out that work.

Third, doing jobs for their households but not receiving remuneration in the form of wages or salaries for that work. Includes agricultural production, non-agricultural economic activity that is used, owned or managed by the household head or another family member.

According to Mac’s point of view: “Employment is a category to indicate the state of concordance between labor power and necessary conditions (capital, means of production, technology, …) to use that labor power.

Labor power owned by workers. Necessary conditions such as capital, means of production, technology, etc. can be owned, used or managed by employees.

According to the concept given in the Vietnamese dictionary: “A job is a job that is assigned to do and is paid for” [31, p.1076]. This concept is relatively broad, but there is still a not-so-popular term that is “assigned” work. Workers can completely create jobs to earn income without having to be assigned jobs.

From the above points of view, the author agrees with the concept: Employment is the labor activity of individuals in society for the purpose of generating income (paid in money, in kind, in exchange for work; self-employed. to generate income, create benefits for unpaid/wage families). Career counseling for students

Employment counseling is a process of interaction between the counselor and students, comparing their capabilities with the requirements set forth by the profession for workers, taking into account the needs of local and local human resources. On that basis, give them advice on choosing a career based on science, help students choose the right majors and training levels, be proactive and creative in learning, eliminate schools chance, lack of maturity while choosing a career; knowledgeable about the industry they are studying to promote their professional capacity after graduation, learn skills and participate in social activities.

Job counseling is to help students find jobs from reputable organizations, companies and businesses, with a dynamic and professional working environment, suitable to the conditions and study time of students. ;

Job counseling is the school’s organization of regular job counseling and introduction sessions for students; organize exchanges between students and employers, create a dialogue channel between the two sides to help students have the opportunity to access future careers, and make it easier for employers to recruit staff. . Since then, the school has grasped the actual needs in some professions from the requirements of employers and made adjustments to the training program accordingly; Or organize seminars for students to provide skills on making resumes, interviewing skills. At the same time, get opinions from agencies, organizations and businesses on the training quality of the school.

According to regulations issued under Decision 68/2008/QD-BGD&DT dated December 9, 2008 on promulgating regulations on career guidance and job counseling in higher education institutions and professional secondary schools. [5], job counseling is: Establishing an employment information system, two-way communication between the school and the employer on the ability to meet human resources and the needs of the employer to counseling and job placement for learners; help units with labor demand to select learners suitable for job requirements.

Through the above analysis, this topic uses the concept of job counseling as: Establishing a job information system, two-way information between the school and the employer on the ability to meet human resources. resources and needs of using labor to advise and introduce jobs to learners; help units with labor demand to select learners suitable for job requirements.

1.2.5. Job counseling activities for students

Career counseling can be understood as a series of counseling and support activities so that students can create their own jobs. Job placement involves matching a job seeker’s skills and abilities with the employer’s requirements. Employment counseling involves providing information on self-employment opportunities, supporting the skills necessary for self-employment.

Advise students on some skills when looking for a job such as: making resumes, writing job applications, handling situations in interviews, communicating with employers,…

Coordinate with functional agencies and units to organize short-term training classes to equip students with necessary skills before graduation.

1.2.6. Management of career guidance and job counseling

From the concept of management, career guidance activities, job counseling, it can be understood that management of career guidance and job counseling is a process of intentional influence of the management subject on the elements of orientation activities. career, job counseling through performing management functions to carry out career guidance, job counseling for students, improve training efficiency of the school; guide students to explore the world of careers and choose a career that suits their aspirations to be ready to enter the workforce, to meet the local and national human resource needs.

1.3. Career guidance and job counseling for college students

1.3.1. The role of career guidance and job counseling for students

How to choose the right career, promote the value of talent, satisfy passion and meet the needs of the labor market is what most students are interested in.

Career guidance and job counseling is an important stage in career guidance, which helps students orient or choose a career on the basis of assessing their own capacity and understanding the development orientation. socio-economic as well as human resource needs of the locality and country in each period.

Career guidance and job counseling have an important role for each individual and society. Effective career guidance helps train human resources with clear career orientation and good professional capacity, thereby increasing labor productivity and socio-economic development.

For students, through career guidance and job counseling, students are provided with useful sources of information so that they can more accurately orientate their careers and adjust career trends accordingly. Thereby, you can carefully consider and choose a career that is suitable for you and the needs of society.

Career guidance activities help new students get used to the new learning environment, stabilize their thoughts, determine their goals and form the right learning motivation. It also helps to connect students with practice, bringing training activities closer to social needs by visiting production sites, meeting businesses, etc. This is also a place of concern, companionship and sharing. share difficulties in the learning process of students through mobilizing social resources. Mentally support students with counseling activities, extracurricular programs, help students form the necessary skills for career preparation and create a bridge for them to access internship positions. , job…

For society, career guidance and job counseling play a particularly important role. When you choose the right career, it will reduce the waste of human resources and training costs due to changing professions. It will be a waste of time and money if you choose the wrong career, so the issue of job counseling is always concerned by parents and students. Vocational guidance contributes to a rational distribution of labor resources, reducing the change in occupations. This also helps to reduce unemployment and reduce social evils. Proper career guidance not only benefits each individual, but also makes many contributions to the development of society.

1.3.2. Purpose of career guidance and job counseling for students

– Help students have more information and knowledge to choose a career, a direction in accordance with their interests, abilities, and development trends of the society; Be proactive, creative in learning, knowledgeable about the industry and profession you are studying to promote your professional capacity after graduation.

– Help students have many opportunities to train job application skills, access to the labor market and employers to find suitable jobs.

– Strengthen the coordination between the school and the employer to link the school’s training program with practical activities at the enterprise and meet the needs of society.

1.3.3. Content of career guidance and job counseling activities for students

Career guidance organization: Consulting, introducing the school’s training industry and profession, job opportunities after graduation for students; provide information on internships and recruitment programs through contacts with businesses, alumni and alumni; Organizing exchange activities on learning methods, contents, characteristics of the discipline, training level, issues of policy and law; Organize career clubs, extracurricular activities, exchange with employers…

Date published: 01/11/2021
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