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Author Mai Cong Hung with the topic “Management of career guidance activities, job counseling for students of Banking Academy” [18]. The author has studied the current situation of career guidance and job counseling management activities of Banking Academy, thereby offering solutions to promote this activity to help students make career choices. The right way to apply the knowledge learned to work after graduation.

Up to now, with the development of training scale, universities and colleges have increasingly affirmed their position and paid special attention from the stages of entrance examination, training process to output products, making How to advise students to access many sources of information, employers to help students easily choose the most suitable job. The training connection between schools and businesses is of particular interest to universities and colleges, especially creating the best conditions for students to study, equipping them with knowledge close to reality and their jobs. students after graduation.

These studies have more or less generalized and clarified theoretical issues and proposed 1

These studies have more or less generalized and clarified theoretical issues and proposed management measures that contribute to improving the effectiveness of career guidance and job counseling activities for learners.

In which career choice is only an early stage in each person’s career progression. Therefore, it can be seen that career orientation and job counseling for students is a continuous process and lasts until the final years of university and college. That is, students today, after choosing a career at university or college, first-year students need to continue to be guided in necessary skills such as how to integrate into the university and college environment. , how to have effective study methods, how to choose the right job after graduation.

Final year students need skills training to find a good job, knowledge of building a career plan for five years, ten years… Thus, it can be seen that students need career guidance and advice. job counseling continuously during the period of university and college studies.

Studies show that current students do not really know about their chosen profession, choosing a major depends on parents’ opinions (usually tend to choose a good school before choosing a major) or the industry’s “singing” level at the moment. Therefore, the process of mental preparation and knowledge for career guidance and job counseling activities in universities and colleges as well as career management and job counseling for students still needs to be further studied. .

1.2. Some concepts of the topic

1.2.1. Manage

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Today, the term management has become popular and has many different definitions according to different approaches.

According to James Stoner and Stephen Robbins, “Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the activities of members of an organization and of using all other resources of the organization to achieve its goals. stated goals” [citation 13, p.12]. According to this definition, management is the performance of a process that affects not only members of the organization but also external factors to achieve a set goal.

According to author Tran Kiem: “Management is the planning effect of the managing subject in mobilizing, combining, using, adjusting and coordinating resources (human, material, financial) in and outside the organization (mainly internal resources) in an optimal way to achieve the organization’s goals with the highest efficiency” [26]. This definition shows that management is the performance of a process that affects not only resources within the organization but also external resources to achieve a stated purpose.

In the book “Educational Management” with the views of James Stoner and Stephen Robbins, the authors Bui Minh Hien, Vu Ngoc Hai, Dang Quoc reduce the relationship of many components to a relationship between two components. is the subject of management and the object of management: “Management is an organized, goal-directed influence of the management subject on the managed object in order to achieve the set objectives” [13, p.12]. .

Meanwhile, author Nguyen Ngoc Quang offers a more concretizing concept of processes and relationships in management than the above concepts: “Management is the oriented, planned effects of the subject. managed to the managed object in the organization to operate the organization, in order to achieve a certain purpose”. [34]

The concept of Management has so far had many different definitions, but they are basically unified in content and nature. In this topic, management is used to understand that management is a process of purposeful influence of the management subject on the managed object through the performance of management functions to achieve the set goals.

1.2.2. Vocational guidance

For a long time, we still think that career guidance is just choosing a career that we love, choosing a university that is right for us, but this is just the top of a process, an activity among many people. many career guidance activities. Scientists have determined that the term career mentoring, if understood correctly, is a combination of many fields such as: career assessment (career assessment), career management (career management), career development (carrer devolopment)…

According to UNESCO: “Career guidance is a process that provides learners with information about themselves, the labor market and orients learners to make the right decisions for career choices”[40]. Today, it has been recognized that it is not enough to provide information alone, but rather to indicate a student’s personal, social, educational and professional development. Another change that has had a major impact on career guidance is that it is perceived as a developmental process, requiring a programmatic approach rather than simply individual interviews at different points in time. decision.

The term “Professional Orientation” was proposed by Parson F. in 1908, according to Mr. Career guidance is: “The oriented process for an individual to learn about a career, compare it with personal qualities and then choose a career. appropriate” [citation 25].

From an economic point of view:

“Vocational guidance is the economic-training relationship that helps each member of society to develop social capacity and put them in a specific field of activity in accordance with the distribution of the social labor force. ‘ [14].

From an educational point of view:

Author Dang Danh Anh said that: “Career guidance is a system of measures affecting the state, school, family and the whole society to help students choose and determine their career position. in life on the basis of combining aspiration, forte, capacity, of individuals, while meeting the human needs of all economic sectors” [3]

Researcher Pham Tat Dong said: “Career guidance is a system of social impact on education, medicine, and economics to help young generations choose a career that is both suitable for their interests, abilities, individual’s aspirations and strengths, while meeting the human resource needs of the production sectors in the national economy” [8, p.30].

According to the authors Nguyen Van Ho and Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen: “Vocational guidance is the impact of a combination of social forces, taking the direction of a pedagogical system as the center of the young generation, helping they are familiar with a number of popular occupations so that when they graduate from school, they can consciously choose their future career” [16].

Through the analysis of the above viewpoints, it is shown that career guidance is an activity of many agencies and organizations that work together to help learners choose a career that is suitable for social needs and aspirations and forte of individuals. .

“Career guidance in education is a system of measures taken inside and outside an educational institution to help students gain knowledge about careers and the ability to choose careers on the basis of a combination of aspirations and strengths of individuals. multiplied by the society’s demand for labor” (Article 9 – Education Law 2019) [33]. In this topic, using the understanding that career guidance is the process of guiding to choose a career, the process of preparing the young generation to enter a productive working life. This is a system of measures to impact the school, family and society, in which the school plays a leading role, to guide learners to understand the world of work and choose a career suitable to their ability. and their own aspirations, to be ready to enter the workforce, to meet the labor needs of the locality and the country.

1.2.3. Career activities for students

Career guidance activities are activities conducted by pedagogical collectives, officials of agencies and enterprises with the aim of helping students choose a career suitable to their individual capacity, physical and psychological abilities, with socioeconomic needs.” [9]

Analysis of perspectives on career guidance shows that career guidance is an activity of many agencies and organizations that work together to help students – students choose a career in accordance with the needs of society and aspirations. , personal preference.

Thus, career guidance activities perform the following three main types of work:

One is: Helping individuals have an understanding of the career world, the content and requirements of the professions that they want to choose, and at the same time helping individuals to capture and analyze information about the labor market. local and regional activities, etc., as a basis for career selection.

Secondly: Helping individuals become aware of themselves, assess their own capabilities and abilities, see their own worth as well as the possibilities for future success… thereby helping individuals to form the right attitude in choosing a career.

Thirdly: Helping individuals make appropriate career choice decisions on the basis of finding a match between their desires, abilities, capabilities, personal circumstances and requirements of the profession as well as the needs of the individual. that profession in society.

With the above analysis, the author believes that: Career activities are activities of the school, family and society, in which the school plays the leading role, to guide students to understand the world of work. and choose a career suitable to their aspirations and capacity to be ready to enter the labor force, to meet the human resource needs of the locality and the country.

1.2.4. Employment counseling Advise

In English, counseling is called “Consulting” with the meaning being understood as the giving of explanations or advice, having a one-way relationship (such as insurance consulting, psychological counseling, counseling). law…)

According to Article 5, Decree 87/2002/ND-CP dated 5/11/2002 on professional consulting activities: Consulting is the activity of collecting and processing information, applying professional knowledge, and discovering problems, proposed solutions, plans, project formulation and monitoring and evaluation by Vietnamese professional organizations and individuals independently and objectively at the request of consulting users [32] .

Thus, it can be seen that: Consulting is giving opinions on a question asked but not having the right to decide.

Date published: 01/11/2021
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