The scientific factor in the productive force with the development of science and technology in Da Nang City - 2

With the current level of development, Science has become a major factor in the cause of promoting comprehensive development, in which science - technology affecting economic development is the first manifestation of a prosperous economy. economic sustainability and development.

The city's international cooperation in science and technology is increasingly expanding. It deserves to be the spearhead economic sector of socio-economic development.

Since Da Nang has become a class I city, modern and famous in the country and in the region, the need for development as an objective need for survival and sustainable development, most notably in the field of clean technology and high technology become more prominent.

2.2.3. Comment and evaluate the development of science - technology in Da Nang city

* Achievements of the development of science - technology in Da Nang city

The science and technology industry in Da Nang city has developed rapidly and achieved many achievements, continuously modernized, shortened the development gap compared to other countries in the region and the world, actively integrated into the economy and the world. international international.

- Research results, application of scientific and technological advances

Scientific and technological research activities have made many practical contributions, contributing to ensuring the growth and development of the city.

Social sciences and humanities have provided theoretical and practical bases for concretizing central documents and promulgating a number of guidelines and policies of the city; In addition, a number of specialized topics such as those on historical science, cultural and folk art collections in Da Nang...

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Topics in the field of science and technology have contributed to speeding up the process of technological innovation, diversifying products, and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

- Technological innovation

The scientific factor in the productive force with the development of science and technology in Da Nang City - 2

Investment in equipment innovation, technology, diversification and improvement of product quality has been really focused since 1997. The investment in technological equipment during this period is quite large.

- Results of building scientific and technological potentials

Investment and development of material and technical foundations for science and technology are focused with key contents, gradually equipping with technical means for more effective implementation of management and control activities. science and technology applications.

The quality of building a list of research tasks and applied research activities is improved.

State management capacity in the fields of technology management, intellectual property, nuclear radiation safety, quality measurement standards continued to be strengthened.

Implement effectively the program of cooperation in science and technology development.

* Limitations, shortcomings and problems of the development of science - technology in Da Nang city

Firstly, scientific and technological activities have not been closely linked, effectively, with tasks and goals in production and business.

Second, the management mechanism, organization and operation of science and technology still have many shortcomings.

Third, investment in science and technology is still low, and the efficiency of resource use is not high

Fourth, the city's science and technology organization system is not synchronized, duplicated, and operates inefficiently

Fifth, the city's physical - technical, infrastructure and scientific - technological potentials are still limited.

Sixth, the city's science and technology market has just been formed and is still at its infancy; science and technology enterprises have not yet developed.

* Limited cause

Firstly, there is a lack of strategic planning for training and fostering science and technology staff.

Second, state-owned enterprises operate inefficiently, with small capital, limited technology and competitive capacity.

Third, the scientific and technological management mechanism is inefficient, but it is slow to be renewed and fails to bring into play the existing scientific and technological capacity.

Fourth, the economic management mechanism has not yet created a real demand for science and technology.

Fifth, the awareness of science and technology sectors and levels is incomplete and somewhat limited. Science and technology have not been considered as a solution to promote the activities of industries, localities and businesses.


* Development trends and applications of information technology

Information technology application: Da Nang has paid attention to synchronously developing information technology applications in Party and State agencies and in the city's socio-economic activities.

Regarding training of human resources in information and communication technology: Information technology resources in state agencies have increased significantly, both in terms of the number of information technology leaders as well as the number of specialized information technology staff. quality news.

In the coming time, the trend of information technology products will be developed and applied to people's lives, that is: Wireless internet will be popular; enhanced wearable computers to control medical equipment and entertainment system devices; …

* Development trends and applications of biotechnology

Da Nang has been carrying out the construction and development of biotechnology applications in accordance with the following orientations: Strongly developing modern biotechnology, with a strong focus on gene technology; approach new sciences such as gene science, bioinformatics, proteomics, metamorphology, Nano technology;...

Specific tasks of biotechnology in each industry:

For agriculture: Applying advanced biotechnology in the production of plant varieties, livestock, aquatic breeds and intensive farming; on environmental technology: Research and application of biotechnology in environmental pollution treatment; in health: Research and apply biotechnological advances in disease diagnosis and production of preventive and curative drugs.

In addition to the development trend and application of information technology, biotechnology. Currently, the development trend of nanotechnology and new material technology is also being focused on by the city.




3.1.1. International and domestic contexts impact on science and technology development

* International context

The scientific and technological revolution in the world continues to develop at an increasingly fast pace, capable of creating breakthrough achievements.

Science and technology are becoming the leading, direct productive force. The strength of each country depends largely on its scientific and technological capacity.

The trend of globalization and international economic integration is increasing. This is both a process of cooperation for development and a process of struggle between countries to protect national interests.

Especially, in the context of economic globalization, great achievements of information and communication technology, the trend of Internet universalization, development of e-commerce, e-business, e-banking, government e-government, etc. is creating new competitive advantages of countries and businesses.

* Domestic scene

After nearly 30 years of renovation, our country has achieved important achievements, laying the foundation for a new stage of development.

The 11th Party Congress continued to affirm the path of renewal in the direction of accelerating industrialization and modernization to make our country basically an industrial country by 2020.

The socio-economic development strategy to 2020 and vision to 2030 of our country has defined the general development goals as: Bringing our country out of underdevelopment, significantly improving the material life and living standards. spirit of the people, creating the foundation for our country to basically become a modern industrialized country by 2020.

3.1.2. Basic views on science and technology development of the Party and State until 2020

The 11th National Congress of the Party (January 1, 2011) has approved important documents with orientation and strategy.

The Platform has outlined major orientations for science and technology development in the new period with the following basic views:

- Science - technology plays a key role in the development of modern productive forces.

- To develop science and technology with the aim of accelerating industrialization and modernization of the country.

- To develop synchronously the fields of science and technology in association with cultural development and raising people's knowledge.

- To rapidly increase and effectively use the country's scientific and technological potential, research and effectively apply modern scientific and technological achievements in the world.

Main tasks in the near future:

- Firstly: Developing scientific and technological capacity with focus and focus, focusing on key and spearhead industries and fields .

- Second: To strongly renovate the management mechanism, organization and scientific-technological activities, considering it as a breakthrough to promote development and improve the efficiency of science and technology.

- Third: Promote research and application; synchronously develop social science, natural science, technical science and technology .

3.1.3. Basic view of science and technology development of Da Nang city in 5 years 2016-2020

Science and technology are seen as tools and driving forces for socio-economic development.

Science and technology development must be based on the principles of developing and applying scientific research results and technology transfer.

Synchronously develop social sciences and humanities, natural sciences and priority technology directions such as: information and communication technology, biotechnology, new material technology, machine building technology - automation, environmental technology. Focusing on research and application of science and technology in the fields of agriculture, medical and pharmaceutical technology, atomic and nuclear energy, space.

3.1.4. Orientation for science and technology development in Da Nang city to 2020

Some science and technology development targets by 2020 are: “The average annual rate of technological innovation will reach 25%, of which in the 2010-2015 period, the average rate of technological innovation will reach 24-25. %/five; in the period of 2015 - 2020, the average rate of technological innovation will reach 25-25%/year” [52; p.4].

For the development, measurement and quality planning: “Strive for 80% periodical inspection by 2015 and 100% periodical inspection by 2020.

By 2015 to implement 70% and by 2020 to implement 100% of the above markets

the city area is equipped with 02- 03 balance controls...." [52; p.7].

For science and technology human resource development planning: By 2020, employees with university or college degrees or higher will reach 200 people per ten thousand people; the number of masters and doctorates has doubled compared to the present, ensuring that 80% to 90% of scientific and technological human resources are reasonably distributed in the economic structure” [50; p.8]


3.2.1. Group of solutions to innovate, train and attract high-quality human resources

Firstly, renovate training programs, contents, methods and processes in order to develop human resources for science and technology.

Renovate education and training in both quantity and quality, improve the content of training programs in line with the requirements of the process of industrialization and modernization in order to create high-quality human resources, to meet the meet the increasing needs of the industrialization and modernization of the country, in line with the policy of the City.

Second, promote the application of science - technology, foreign language training in teaching and learning

To step up the application of information and communication technology in teaching and learning, and at the same time bring into play the role of information technology and modern scientific and technological achievements in state management of education and training.

Focusing on foreign language training, on human resource training programs, currently in the city there are training institutions, vocational training centers, universities...

Third, create conditions for learning, invest brain resources and attract high-quality human resources with policies

It is necessary to have a reasonable policy, structure and a healthy environment to employ a contingent of scientific and technological intellectuals, especially talented ones.

Create a healthy working environment for talented people to develop, resolutely eliminate bad habits, moral degradation, unfair competition, and maintain a fair and civilized working environment.

There should be a policy to prevent brain drain in the current period.

Fourth, develop high-quality human resources according to the City's project 922 by the following solutions:

Promote linkage and cooperation of domestic and foreign experts under programs and projects.

Strengthening and supplementing high-quality human resources for the city's agencies, focusing on tourism, commerce, health, education...

3.2.2. Group of solutions to raise awareness of sectors and levels and strengthen the management of the State.

Promote propaganda to raise social awareness and responsibilities of leaders at all levels, authorities at all levels and businesses in science and technology.

Establishing agencies to appraise and verify the quality of science and technology training according to international standards;

3.2.3. Group of solutions to improve the legal environment, renovate the organization, and manage scientific and technological activities

Firstly, to improve the operational efficiency of the city's scientific organization system by building, planning and restructuring the system.

Concentrating resources for science and technology development, in the form of building, planning and restructuring the system is a very necessary and indispensable job.

To carry out the transformation, reorganization and rearrangement of non-business units and scientific - technological organizations into a form of autonomy and self-responsibility to the market mechanism, ensuring quality and high efficiency.

Second, innovate the management mechanism of science and technology

Renovate the formulation and organization of scientific and technological tasks. Strengthen the implementation of the "ordering" mechanism of leaders and other organizations and individuals towards scientists.

Innovating the assessment of information on topics from the stage of construction, selection to assessment and acceptance.

Third, invest and allocate the state budget for science and technology

Diversify investment sources for science and technology. Consider investing funds from the budget for science and technology as a regular task.

Renovate the mechanism of allocation and use of the City budget for science and technology activities.

Renovating the financial management mechanism for scientific and technological research activities.

3.2.4. Group of solutions for research and application, development and transfer of technology for socio-economic development

Firstly, to concentrate resources and invest in developing spearhead science and technology.

Secondly, continue to focus resources, renew thinking about scientific and technological development in a consistent manner, from content and methods to structure and organizational system.

Accelerate the application of science and technology to production in order to improve productivity and quality.

Third, continue to promote the transfer and application of scientific research results and technological development to all areas of social life.

It is necessary to invest in finance to apply science and technology to life, to replace ineffective traditional forms.

3.2.5. Group of solutions for integration, exchange, cooperation, research and training, human resource training, conferences, seminars, consulting, exchange, learning transfer, technology policy development

Firstly, quickly and effectively take advantage of the support and help of high-tech areas to innovate and improve the city's technological capacity.

Continue to promote international integration in science and technology through research cooperation programs.

Second, to encourage the city's science and technology development ideas and projects.

Third, strengthen the connection between training institutions, especially between schools and businesses 


Da Nang city is "accelerating" the development of science and technology to become a key economic sector, effectively applying quickly and widely in all socio-economic fields of the city. This is a key factor to improve competitiveness and modernization at the lowest cost, making an important contribution to shortening the process of industrialization and modernization in Da Nang city.

The role of science - technology is extremely great, but how to use it is also an issue that needs attention, it must be considered that the development of science - technology is aimed at serving people. particular and society in general to build a better and better society.

Thus, in order for science and technology to truly become a key driving force, promoting socio-economic development, meeting the general development requirements of the city in the period of accelerating industrialization and modernity. To improve the city's science and technology potential, the city's scientific and technological research and development capacity must be strong, timely grasp and master advanced technologies. advanced and modern to apply in production and business to serve the goals of socio-economic development.

Date published: 31/03/2022
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