Evaluation Of The Quality Of Lending Services For Retail Customers At  National Commercial Joint Stock Bank , Hue Branch

- Loan sales:

From Table 2.4, we can see that loan sales have increased over the years. Specifically, in 2015, loan turnover was 954,381 million VND, in 2016 was 1,248,547 million VND, increased to 294,166 million VND, equivalent to an increase of 30.82%. By 2017, loan sales reached VND 1,410,858 million, an increase of VND 162,311 million equivalent to an increase of 13% compared to 2016.

To achieve such results, the branch has developed many new product packages, preferential interest rates to attract customers and businesses, expanded loan types to meet the borrowing needs of customers. . In addition, the Bank also focuses on attracting demand deposits, providing additional services, financial consulting, enhancing international payments, and transforming loans into short-term terms.

It is the branch's efforts and loan sales that have achieved certain results. - Debt collection revenue Debt collection revenue in 2015 was VND 902,324 million, in 2016 debt collection revenue was VND 1,088,858 million, an increase of VND 186,534 million, equivalent to a rate of 20.67% compared to 2015. By 2017 , debt collection revenue was 1,230,410 million VND, an increase of 141,552 million VND or 13% compared to 2016. Debt collection is an important step in the Bank's credit activities because if debt is not recovered, the Bank will increase increased risk, the cost of the Bank thereby increased.

Therefore, in the past three years, the Bank's debt collection situation has been stable. This is due to the working process of the Bank's credit staff in capturing customer information in advance. when lending. Always remind customers to come and pay debts on time to ensure the effective loan process of customers.

- Sales of outstanding balance

The Bank's outstanding balance has increased steadily over the years. In 2016 increased by 159,689 million dong at a rate of 149.18% compared to 2015. By 2017, the Bank's outstanding debt sales increased by 34,675 million dong, an increase of 13% compared to 2016.

- Sort by currency:

The bank lends completely in VND, the loan balance has increased over the past 3 years, and there is absolutely no outstanding balance in foreign currencies.

- Divide by time

Outstanding sales include two forms: short-term and medium-term. Short-term loans have increased steadily over the past 3 years. In 2015, short-term loan balance was 51,813 million dong, in 2016 was 124,631 million dong, in 2016 compared to 2015 short-term loan balance increased by 72,818 million dong, equivalent to an increase of 140.54%. By 2017, short-term loan balance was VND 140,833 million, an increase of VND 16,202 million, equivalent to an increase of 13%. However, it is easy to see that the outstanding loan ratio in 2017 accounted for only 13%, less than 2016.

Meanwhile, the balance of medium and long-term loans in 2016 was VND 142,101 million, an increase of VND 86,871 million, accounting for 157.29% compared to 2015. In 2017, the balance of medium and long-term loans was VND 160,574 million, an increase of VND 18,473 million. accounted for 13% compared to 2016.

- Sort by object

Individual customers : the outstanding balance of Science and Technology in 2015 was VND 78,589 million, in 2016 it was VND 215,962 million, an increase of VND 137,373 million, accounting for 174.80% compared to 2015. By 2017, outstanding loans of Science and Technology increased by VND 28,075 million, accounting for 13% compared to 2016. This is also the group with the highest outstanding loan balance. Enterprises: corporate loans tend to increase, but lower than customers' outstanding loans. The main reason is that in Hue city, the number of joint stock companies is less than that of private enterprises and science and technology.

- Overdue debt situation

Overdue debt greatly affects the quality of the Bank. From Table 2.4, we see that overdue debt has decreased sharply over the years. In 2015, overdue debt was VND 1,317 million, in 2016 overdue debt decreased to VND 307 million, a decrease of VND 1,010 million, equivalent to 76.69% compared to 2015. However, by 2017, overdue debt was somewhat overdue. increased slightly but not significantly, the increase was only 40 million dong, equivalent to 13% compared to 2016.

This is an encouraging effort of the Bank's debt management. The decrease in overdue debt shows the handling, collection of overdue debts and gradually limiting new overdue debts arising by credit officers as well as the Bank's policies in ensuring loan safety.

- Ratio of overdue debt/total outstanding balance

This indicator reflects the Bank's credit efficiency, shows the level of credit risk and the level of loan recovery. The lower the overdue debt ratio, the higher the service quality. Specifically, in 2015 the rate of overdue debt was 1.23%. By 2016 this rate would decrease to 0.12% and maintain until 2017. This stable level is maintained thanks to knowledgeable and knowledgeable credit staff. Customer approach creates trust in customers, so overdue debt decreases, leading to decrease in overdue debt ratio.

2.2. Evaluation of the quality of lending services for retail customers at National Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Hue branch

2.2.1. Descriptive statistics of the survey

Table 2.5: Characteristics of the survey sample

Statistical CriteriaQuantity (person)Ratio (%)
Sex- Maleforty six35.4%
- Female8464.6%
Age- Under 22 years old21.5%
- From 22 to 40 years old8162.3%
- From 41 to 55 years old3728.5%
- Over 55 years oldten7.7%
Academic level- Intermediate1612.3%
- Collegeseventy three56.2%
- University3627.7%
- After university53.8%
Job- Pupiltwelfth9.2%
- Business6852.3%
- Retiretwelfth9.2%
- Employees1310.0%
- Housewifeten7.7%
- Production labor1511.5%
Income- Under 5 million VND118.5%
- From 5-10 million VND7255.4%
- From 10-15 million VND3728.5%
- Over 15 million VNDten7.7%

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Evaluation of loan service quality for individual customers at National Commercial Joint Stock Bank - 6

Source: SPSS data processing

- Regarding gender:

Through the survey of 130 customers, the percentage of men using science and technology lending services at NCB Hue branch was 46, accounting for 35.4% and 84 female customers accounting for 64.6%. Thereby, it shows that there is a difference between male and female customers when using science and technology lending services at the Bank.

About age:

Out of the total of 130 interviewees, 81 people aged 22-40 years old accounted for 62.3%, 37 people aged 41-55 years old accounted for 28.5%, 10 people aged over 55 years old accounted for 7. .7% and the remaining 2 people under the age of 22 accounted for 1.5%. Thus, customers aged 22-40 years old account for the highest percentage, because people in this age group have a fairly stable life and job, spending on necessities in life. Their interest is increasing, so using science and technology lending services is understandable.

- Regarding education level:

Through interviewing 130 customers, customers with intermediate degrees have 16 people, accounting for 12.3%, customers with college degrees are 73 people, accounting for 56.2%, followed by customers with university degrees. 36 people accounted for 27.7% and lastly, customers with postgraduate qualifications were 5 people, accounting for 3.8%. Most of the survey subjects have a high school education or higher.

- About job:

According to the statistical analysis, there are 12 people who are students, accounting for 9.2%, 68 people doing business, accounting for 52.3%, having the highest rate among occupational groups, 12 retired customers, accounting for 9, and 9. 2%, 13 customers are employees, accounting for 10%, customers are housewives, 10 customers are 7.7%, and 15 customers are production workers, accounting for 11.5%.

- About income:

In terms of income, the highest level of income surveyed by customers when using science and technology lending services is from 5-10 million, accounting for 55.4%, followed by customers with income from 10-15 million, accounting for 28 .5%, customers with income below 5 million account for 8.5% and 7.7% customers with income over 15 million. Thus, it can be seen that the income of customers using science and technology lending services at NCB-Hue is mainly concentrated in the income level of 5-10 million. Customers with income over 15 million are still very few.

Table 2.6: Known sources of information, purposes of use and number of times of service use by customers

 Statistical CriteriaQuantity (person)Ratio (%)
Information sources- Through friends and relatives4232.3%
- Through a Bank employeethirty first23.8%
- Through newspapers, television,
- Through leaflets, posterstwelfth9.2%
- Is different86.2%
Loan purpose- Buy house, land, build,
repair house
- Payment of tuition fees118.5%
- Shopping for transportation2519.2%
- Study abroad86.2%
- Additional capital for production
and business
- Consumption, personal activities2620.0%
- Is different96.9%
Number of times to use the service- 1 times1914.6%
- 2-3 times9573.1%
- More than 3 times1612.3%

Hue economical University

The survey results of information sources that customers know about science and technology lending services at NCB - Hue show that, mainly through friends and relatives, accounted for 32.3%, followed by television, newspapers, and the internet accounting for 28.5 %. Through bank staff is 23.8%. Through leaflets and posters accounted for 9.2% and finally, customers knew through other information sources accounted for 6.2%. Survey results on the purpose of using science and technology lending services of NCB-Hue were obtained as follows: : 21.5% of science and technology borrowed to serve production and business, 20% of science and technology borrowed for consumption and personal life, 19.2% of science and technology borrowed capital to buy means of transport, 17.7% of science and technology borrowed to buy a house, land, construction and home repair, 8.5% of science and technology loans to pay tuition fees, 6.2% of science and technology loans to study abroad and science and technology loans for other purposes accounted for 6.9%.

The survey results about the time of using the science and technology lending service of NCB-Hue show that the majority of customers using the service 2-3 times, accounting for the highest rate of 73.1%, these are the customers who have used the service. service for a long time and have had a certain level of satisfaction with the science and technology lending service of NCB-Hue. It also shows the Bank's efforts in building the Bank's reputation and brand among the people. The number of customers using science and technology lending services more than 3 times accounts for 12.3%. And the number of customers who sometimes use the one-time science and technology loan service accounts for 14.6%, which shows that NCB-Hue needs to have appropriate customer care methods to maintain this number of customers. services in the next times, becoming loyal customers of NCB-Hue in the near future.

2.2.2. Evaluation of loan service quality for individual customers at National Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Hue branch Cronbach's Alpha reliability test with . scales

The scale's reliability will be assessed by Cronbach's Alpha reliability coefficient. With Cronbach's Alpha will help eliminate unsatisfactory observed variables or unsatisfactory scales for the research process. The observed variables with the item total correlation coefficient less than 0.3 will be rejected and the criteria for the satisfactory scale when Cronbach's Alpha is greater than 0.6 or more are accepted.

Researchers think that Cronbach's Alpha coefficient from 0.8 to 1, this scale is good, from 0.7 to 0.8 is usable. However, many authors believe that Cronbach's Alpha of 0.6 or more can be used in cases where the research concepts are new or new to the respondents.

Table 2.7: Results of testing the reliability of Cronbach's Alapha . scales

SymbolObserved variablesSimilarity
important variables total
Alpha if variable type
1. Service capacity: Cronbach's Alpha = 0.766
PTTH1Banks with convenient transaction locations
PTTH2The bank has modern facilities and equipment0.4350.778
PTH3Banks arrange transaction counters, tables
reasonable and convenient signs
PTTH4Bank staff have neat clothes
neat and polite
2. Service capacity: Cronbach's Alpha = 0.833
NLPV1The bank promptly and fully responded to your
loan amount.
NLPV2Credit officers handle loan procedures0.5660.816
NLPV3Credit staff answer all your questions
enthusiastically and fully
NLPV4Credit staff fully knowledgeable about banking
products and services
NLPV5The bank has a hotline serving
3. Reliability: Cronbach's Alpha = 0.822
TC1The bank performs the loan service
as committed
TC2The bank builds trust and
peace of mind for you.
TC3The credit officer executes the transaction
TC4Credit officer protects personal information
TC5Bank satisfactorily resolved complaints of Britain (sister) in a deal
4. Responsiveness: Cronbach's Alpha = 0.838
DU1Processes and procedures for loan simple, clear
DU2Flexible and suitable loan terms and
DU3Time to review documents, disburse
quickly and timely
DU4Credit officers provide full
information about personal loan services
DU5Reasonable and
competitive loan interest rates and service fees
5. Sympathy: Cronbach's Alpha = 0.614
CT1Credit officers are always interested in the needs
and purposes of using your capital.
CT2Bank staff provide fair service
to all customers when they come to the transaction
CT3You do not have to wait too long to
be served
CT4The bank always puts your interests
CT5The bank shows interest in you, such as sending Tet wishes, happy
6. Satisfaction level: Cronbach's Alpha = 0.746
HL1Overall, you are satisfied with the quality0.5870.645
 The Bank's personal loan service quality  
HL2In the coming time, will you continue to use the personal loan service
of the Bank?
HL3Would you recommend the Bank's personal loan service to

Source: SPSS data processing

Date published: 12/11/2021
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