Vietnamese linking grammar model - 36


Sentence 1 (1): 1 class= lazyload > My name is bloom. VEtran: My Name is Flower. Google: My name is 1 Sentence 1 (1): 1" class="lazyload"> My name is bloom. VEtran: My Name is Flower. Google: My name is 1" class="lazyload">

Sentence 1 (1): My name is Hoa

–> My name is bloom.

VEtran: My Name is Flower.

Google: My name is United.

Sentence 2 (2): My mother is a good doctor.

–> My mother is a good doctor.

VEtran: My mother is a jurisprudent physician.

Maybe you are interested!

Google: My mother is a good doctor.

Sentence 3 (3): I need a book to read at home.

–> Need me a book sets reading at home.

VEtran: I need a tomes to read keep indoors.

Google: I need a book to read at home.

Sentence 4 (4): All members must attend the meeting.

–> All members must go convening.

VEtran: All members must go to meet.

Google: All members have to go to meetings.

Sentence 5 (5): I can_ lend you my sweater.

–> I could give borrow my wool shirt.

VEtran: I can lend miss my sweater.

Google: I can let her borrow my sweater.

Sentence 6 (6): She felt like crying.

–> She feels wanting to cry.

VEtran: She feels like cry.

Google: She felt like crying.

Sentence 7 (7): I should never have listened to him.

–> when not me ought to hear word.

VEtran: I never ought to obey him.

Google: I never heard him.

Sentence 8 (8): I dare you to jump over that wall

–> I defy him dances last that wall.

VEtran: I am challenged you overleaps that mural one.

Google: I challenge him to jump over the wall there.

Sentence 9 (9): He wants me to go with her.

–> He wants me departs for her.

VEtran: He is wishing I go with her.

Google: He wanted me to go with her.

Sentence 10 (10): I love her with all my heart.

–> I love her by all my heart.

VEtran: I love her by a whole body heart.

Google: I love her with all my heart.

Sentence 11 (11): I know all about her.

–> I know all about her.

VEtran: I know all about who boil down me.

Google: I know all about her.

Sentence 12 (12): He endured pain courageously.

–> he very courageous suffers.

VEtran: he we bears aching is very manly.

Google: Pain he was very courageous.

Sentence 13 (13): He wants her to come.

–> he wants she comes.

VEtran: He is wishing she is next.

Google: He wanted her to.

Sentence 14 (14): I was given a gift.

–> I am presented a gift.

VEtran: I am giftted a gift.

Google: I was given a gift.

Sentence 15 (15): Big mistakes are often made up of small ones.

–> big mistakes usually compose of young mistakes.

VEtran: Big lapses often frame from little lapses.

Google: The big mistake is often small structures from mistakes.

Sentence 16 (16): The horse kicked the stone horse.

–> horse kicks rocky horse.

VEtran: The horse stone horse kick.

Google: Horse stone horse.

Sentence 17 (17): Ants crawl on a plate of beef.

–> ant creeps up beef dish.

VEtran: Beef disc rise the ox the Emmet.

Google: Ants onto beef.

Sentence 18 (18): Wisdom is more valuable than pearls.

–> wise is valuabler than jewel.

VEtran: Something precious more priced advisability.

Google: Valuable than wisdom pearls.

Sentence 19 (19): The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.

–> cheetah is the fastest animal world.

VEtran: Cheetah is world’s fast animal the kind.

Google: Alert hunt is the world’s fastest animal.

Sentence 20 (20): How dare you hit me.

–> why does you dare beat me.

VEtran: My britannic Asteroid dare whipped.

Google: How dare you hit me.

Sentence 21 (21): my mom and dad love to watch movies.

–> my father and mother very likes to watch movie.

VEtran: I and my mother like to look up film very much.

Google: My parents love to watch movies.

Sentence 22 (22): he is very good at soccer and swimming. –> he very well plays football and swims. VEtran: he kicked is shaded and very jurisprudent swimming. Google:he’s very good football and pool. Sentence 23 (23): the older the girl, the more beautiful she becomes. –> the more big is little nipper pretty. VEtran: more nice-looking big little miss. Google:the bigger the beautiful girl. Sentence 24 (24): my father gave me the book. –> my father takes give me book. VEtran: tome my father give to med. Google:My father gave me a book. Sentence 25 (25): he knows both Vietnamese and French. –> he knows both Vietnamese and French. VEtran: he knows a whole french Vietnamese too. Google:he knows both English French. Sentence 26 (26): do you have a Vietnamese – English dictionary?

–> do you have Vietnamese – English dictionary

You has Vietnamese dictionary- You neither

you have dictionary English – I do not

Sentence 27 (27): Yes!

–> has!

VEtran: There is final particle!

Google: Yeah!

Sentence 28 (28): I don’t know if this computer is any good.

–> not know this computer well has not.

VEtran: Know this computer had well Neither.

Google: Don’t know this computer is good.

Sentence 29 (29): Of course I remember!

–> natural is!

VEtran: Of course it be final particle remembrance!

Google: Of course, remember!

Sentence 30 (30): Do you know her too?

–> also knows her?

VEtran: Do You who also get used to her?

Google: Physicians also go after the letter A?

Sentence 31(31): he is Japanese, not_Korean.

–> he is Japanese person not Korean individual.

VEtran: he is Japanese isn’t Korea person.

Google: He is Japanese, not Korean.

Sentence 32 (32): That machine is a washing machine, not an air conditioner.

–> that machine is washing-machine not conditioner is.

VEtran: That Machine is washing final particle definitely not is


Google: Where was the washing machine rather than air conditioning.

Sentence 33 (33): My whole family moved to Vung Tau this year

then bro.

–> both niece and nephew house after transfer into Vung Tau one year.

VEtran: A whole grandchild everybody in the house grandchild these a

years roadstead roll-in then refuse.

Google: Both her whole family she moved to Vung Tau for a year then North


Sentence 34 (34): Where is the Ministry of Planning and Investment?

–> Ministry of Planning and Investment where is.

VEtran: Younger sister where uncovered Ministry of Planning and


Google: Ministry of Planning and Investment in the open where you.

Sentence 35 (35): He is not only smart, well educated, but also very

more humble.

–> He is not only intelligent , good but also still very much more


VEtran: He not only wit, do well in school but also plenty of humility as


Google: He’s not only smart, good student but also very modest.

Sentence 36 (36): I’ve heard about you for a long time, but only met today

–> Then hears about him long that today new finding.

VEtran: Hear tell of you then long-term that new today is met.

Google: Heard about him for a long time today to meet new.

Sentence 37 (37): You don’t know about it.

–> Does not know that story.

VEtran: You are unaware That tale.

Google: Don’t you know that.

Sentence 38 (38): I just found out today that he is a teacher.

–> Today I fresh realized he is teacher.

VEtran: Today I newly know he is instructor.

Google: Today I know that he is a teacher.

Sentence 39 (39): It’s expensive to buy at that price.

–> You get for that cost is expensive there.

VEtran: You bought with That cost be dearly there.

Google: You’re purchase price was expensive.

Sentence 40 (40): He invited me to travel to the Mekong Delta.

–> He asks me to go touring Cuu Long river delta.

VEtran: He hangs I tour the Mekong river champaign.

Google: He invites me to travel to the Mekong Delta.

Sentence 41 (41): While learning Vietnamese_Vietnamese, I learned many things.

–> For while studying Vietnamese , I thing studied many.

VEtran: During who learn Vietnamese, I learn talkativeness.

Google: While learning English, I learned a lot.

Sentence 42 (42): For some reason, my health is getting worse and worse.

–> Not comprehend star , my strength the more day nipper go down.

VEtran: Non-comprehension is stellar, health i more and more go down to.

Google: Somehow, his health is growing down.

Sentence 43 (43): Due to bad weather, the plane could not land.

–> As bad weather so plane does not land.

VEtran: For dirty weather ought to plane landed.

Google: Because of bad weather, the plane not landing.

Sentence 44 (44): Although it has a lot of money, it is still not happy.

–> Whether it has some moneys but still not happy it.

VEtran: Even if it is moneyed but it still whoes isn’t blisstul.

Google: Although it has a lot of money but it is still not happy.

Sentence 45 (45): The book you are reading is hers.

–> Book you are reading is property that.

VEtran: Wind you are reading book is hers.

Google: The book he was reading her.

Sentence 46 (46): I read the novel he wrote.

–> I read fiction that he writes.

VEtran: I read novel that he writes.

Google: I have read the novel that he wrote.

Sentence 47 (47): Loan’s factory_out of work is_due to_equipment and

Spare parts are out.

–> Loan’s factory expires job because equipment and accessories


VEtran: That’s why be owing to plant and accessary finis Phoenix’s

factory ended.

Google: The reason Taiwan factory all is due to equipment and spare parts

of all.

Sentence 48 (48): At the market, there are too many jeans, I don’t know what to choose

at all.

–> At market, too much jeans , I do not know all choosing which sort.

VEtran: in my bazaar, pants who crept much whopping, is unaware which

kind to choose is all together.

Google: At the market, many jeans too, I do not know how to select all.

Sentence 49 (49): I haven’t heard from her in a while.

–> After long I do not all accept her anything news.

VEtran: Long then I don’t receive news hers is all together.

Google: Long time since I received news of her whole.

Sentence 50 (50): I don’t know anything about her yet.

–> I have not all understood anything about her.

VEtran: Not already My That what understanding about her is all together.

Google: I don’t know anything about her.

Date published: 01/11/2021
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