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In the appendix we explain with examples the important links in Vietnamese. The division of words into subcategories is based on [16]. To further subdivide, into sub-categories, the thesis refers to the division in [16], and at the same time adds many sub-categories stemming from the need for association analysis and machine translation with annotated collection. The association of some simple words such as prepositions and prepositions detailed in the thesis will not be repeated in this appendix.

Follow up PhD thesis in  information technology  Vietnamese linking grammar model – 28 Particle 1

Follow up PhD thesis in information technology Vietnamese linking grammar model – 28

Particle typetaxonomyWord exampleLinknameLink Example
Proper Noun (Np)1.Name of personPerson’s name: Giang Kieu Supernatural character name: Cuoi, Buddha,…SA+ NcN1- SV+ IOBeautiful Mai Lady Giang Kieu, Uncle Cuoi, Buddha Written by Nguyen Du give Mai
 2. Organization nameVietnam Fatherland Front, University of Science and Technology…NpEp- NNp- SV+   IOat Polytechnic University Vietnam Fatherland Front agency Polytechnic University achieved (city ) volume) Donate to Polytechnic University (book)
 3. Place name, celestial bodyCo Loa, Vietnam, MarsEpN SV+ DT_LA+ NNpin Co Loa on Mars Vietnam is (the heroic country) Vietnamese people
 4. Event nameAugust Revolution, October RevolutionNcN6- EsN NNp SV+August Revolution before the October Revolution August Revolution events Successful August Revolution
 5. Name of workTales of Kieu, the BibleNcN4- SV+The Bible, The Tale of Kieu Successful August Revolution  
 6. Animal nameSphinx, Red RabbitNcN2- SV+ DT_LA+ SA+ SHSH+ NNpSphinx Red Rabbit eats (grass) The Sphinx is (legendary character) (horse) Bach Long (very) good Sphinx Egyptian sphinx Horse sausage bowl
 7. Object nameLada, Granite, Penicillin{PqN-} & {DpN-}& NcN4-   NNpNcN4- & NPd+ SV+ NuNpall the Ladas, the Lada, the Lada Lada car, Penicillin medicine that Lada (car) Lada runs (slowly) carLada

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Particle of typeClassical featureExample fromLink NameLink Example
Concrete Noun (Nt)1 persongrandpa, grandma, male, female, slave, pilot Supernatural character: witch water, ghost, godSH+, SH- {PqNt-} & {DpNt- or McNc- }&{NcN4-}& {NPd+} NN+ SV+ SA+ NtNp+ IOteacher’s father, word doctor all the students, all the students students, all students, all students, all students all three students factory workers operator (machine) (person) hard worker Vietnamese workers (I) give the baby (book)
 2. Animalsanimals: dogs, cats, whales birds: chickens, pigeons fish: carp, sesame, thu amphibians: frogs, frogs Reptile: snake, lizard Insects: ants, cockroaches molluscs: clams, abalone Crustaceans: shrimp, crab, crab Fictional animals: dragons, ghosts chicken microorganisms: viruses, bacteria bacteria, germsNtNp+ {PqN-} & {DpNt- or McNt- }& NcN2- & {NtPd+} SHSV+ NtAp+ EoNt+Mickey Mouse all the cats, all the cats that cat rabbit ears, buffalo horns running chicken Kitty (castle) of the dragon
 3. Plantswoody plants: iron, banyan shrubs: chrysanthemums, dandelions creeper: rose silk herbaceous plants: reed, sedge vegetables, tubers: turnips, gourds, squash{NcN3-}& {DpN-} SV+ NtAp+ NuNNtNt DT_LA+ OPaddy(s) vegetables are grown green rice oats squash, persimmon rope, banana, gourd cabbage is… . buy chrysanthemum
 4. Food, food in generalseeds: beans, peanuts, sesame Food: rice, maize, potato…NuNt4- NtNt DT_LA+ OSA+(two) pounds of beans beans, cassava roots, sesame plants rice is food buy corn This season, the rice is so green
 5. Utensils, itemshousehold items: table, chair, backpack, clock, electricity phoneNcN4-& {DpN-}&{PqNt-} &{ NtPd+} CH+ NtEmSV+ OEsNtall those tables   wood table wooden table (wood) Solid wooden table. manufacture on the table
  tools and equipment: hammer, pliers, plow, harrow, pickaxe, shovel…{PqNt-}&{McNt-}&{NcNt-} McNt- EsNt- SV+ NtAp +three (pieces) pliers above the anvil under the hammer nail hammer big shovel
  spare parts and accessories: valves, faucets, springsNcN4-& {DpN-}&{PqNt-} &{ NtPd+} NN+ or NNMcNt- & NcN4- O-all those faucets   spring bed two chains buy springs
  toys: dolls, balloonsNcNt SA+ SV+Dolls, Balloons little doll play doll
  machinery: dynamo, pump musical instruments: lute, flute, drum, trumpetSA+ NcN4- & {DpN-}&{PqNt-} &{ NtPd+} O NuNt NtNp SV+ SA+ O-good pump all twenty pumps pump manufacturing lute, flute, lute Paranung drum, Piano the flock becomes (source of joy) magic guitar smash the guitar, make the drums, love it
   SH- NuNt- & SH+the sound of the lute, the student guitar
  musical instruments: lute, flute, drum, trumpetNuNt NtNp SV+ SA+ O-lute, flute, lute Paranung drum, Piano the flock becomes (source of joy) magic guitar smash the guitar, make the drums, love it
   SH- NuNt- & SH+the sound of the lute, the student guitar
  clothing: clothes, shoes{McNu}& NuNt O-two sets of clothes shopping clothes
  jewelry: rings, rings,NuNt- NN+ or NN- DT_LA+ O-diamond ring ring, ring box ring is (jewelry) ring sale
  other items: firewood, firewood, cigarettes, strawNaNt- SV+a pile of straw, a bundle of burnt wood
 6. SubstanceCosmetics: lipstick, chalk, medicine: Ky Ninh, Cao tiger boneSV+ O- DT_LA+ O- NtVu+ {PqNt-} & {DpN-}& NcN4- &{ NtPd+}powder allergen rub powder Cao tiger bone is (tonic) buy all the bottles of safe pregnancy medicine tall tiger bone
  Addictive substances: opium, heroin, etc.DT_LA+ SA+Opium is (addictive) drug (very) harmful
  Materials: silk, cement, inkCH- EmNt+silk shirt, cement floor, wooden table
  solids: wood, stone, iron, … .CH- EmNt+wood table wooden
  liquid: beer, alcohol, kerosene, cooking oil{McNt- & NuN-}(four) liters of beer
  gas: gas, hydrogen, oxygenNuN-(10) kg of gas, (two) gas cylinders
  waste: feces, garbage. .NNmanure bin
 7. Workspaintings, photographs, works, playsNtApThe famous work, the play, the successful performance of the play
 8. Construction Componentsconcrete, beams, beams. .SH+ Orafters Concrete mixer
 9. Construction worksbridge, road, square, theaterSH-girder
 10. Means of transportairplanes, carsSH-Automobile tires
 Weaponsfighters, destroyers, tanksSH-tank chain
 Things in generalstick, stick, skewersCH+a stick of bamboo
 Parthuman body animal body plant parts part of an object part of the workSH+Baby’s hand
 Universe: stars, planets NtNpVenus
 Natural phenomena: storm, rain, thunder NtAp NtAo SV+ Nc5Ntstrong storm thunder rumble storm to storm
 Land: fields, gardens, hills EpNt- DT_LA+ SA+ NcNtin the field The field is an asset large garden field, garden
 Areas with water: rivers, lakes EpNt- DT_LA+ SA+under the river river is . . . wide river
 Fantasy place: heaven damn, hell… EpNt NNgo to heaven in hell hell on earth
Type particleClassical featureWord ExampleLink NameLink Example
General Noun (Ng)Only things that differ in type but often come together as one
complete set of general meaning
houses, teachers and students, birds, people, army…NtNg
house story
hunting birds
Vietnamese people
Abstract nounsConcepts, terms, specialtiesConcepts are generalized in thinking:SHA+
Ho Chi Minh Thought
 physical science
Abstract Noun (Na) disability, thought, science, life, factsNaNcAugust Revolution events
  positions: secretary, prime minister, president. .NaNu+Captain’s ward
  sound: voice, voiceSHA+piano sound
  diseases: tuberculosis, cancerDT_LA+
TB is an infectious disease
  games: chess, chessO-
Chess is an interesting game
Classified Noun (Nc)Units of things exist into individual typesperson: person, name, uncle, guy, child, german . .NcN1+
two (horses)
  animals: child, female. .NcN2+Cock
  Plants: cotton, flowers, seeds. .NcNt3+rose
  object: thing, child, court, root, scroll, book…NcNt4+book
  Phenomenon: sound, rays, lines, nosesNcNt5+lightning, knife point, ray of hope
  concept: life, events, feelings, emotionsNcNt6+
August Revolution
 Units of things of the same type exist as a setswarm, flock, math, group, column (smoke) column (smoke), set, stack, grasp, sip …NcNt+flock of birds, group of workers
Unit Noun (Nu)Precise scientific measurementkg, ha, weight, ram…McNu-&{NuNt4}two kilograms of rice
 Folk measurementca, barrel, fight, butter, carMcNu-&NuNt4+three pounds of squash
 TimeherdMcN-three days
 Currencydime, copper, coins, dollarsMcN-three dimes, two dollars
 Administrative organizationvillage, ward, district, district, province, city, factory, clubNaNu-
Captain’s ward
factory workers
built ward
contribute to the ward
 Frequencytimes, sessions, batches, owls, weeks (incense)NuV+
session, punch
Date published: 01/11/2021
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