Stormgain reviews. Stormgain scam or not?

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Many people ask if Stormgain is a scam? I would say no. Is the Stormgain exchange reputable? I always answer yes. As for how to withdraw money from Stormgain to the bank, I guide you that when you have successfully made money from Stormgain, you need to withdraw to another exchange's wallet then sell it by P2P, the money will go directly to your bank account. friend.

Stromgain is a virtual currency exchange similar to Binance, but to appreciate the reputation of this exchange we need to experience it in practice.

In this article, I will give my own review of Stormgain after experiencing it. I happened to know about this coin trading platform through an advertisement on a mining site and so I tried it. I will analyze its features, advantages and disadvantages.

First, if we talk about the number 1 exchange today, it is Binance. Why number 1? because this is the most prestigious of the exchanges. There are many features for you to make money from it. The most important thing is that it is chosen by the majority of traders. I recommend you to use , with a capital of 100 USD, I earned 1290 USD in more than 1 hour using the exchange Binance: Register a Binance account. Get 50 USD. (Time: April 22, 2022 to May 22, 2022). You have the opportunity to receive thousands of USD from Binance programs.

Then let's continue to evaluate Stormgain!

This is a coin exchange to make money on both the rise or fall of the virtual currency. That means you can make money even if the coin goes down or increases in price of bitcoin (btc), eth, etc etc… it’s a trade coin or is the Future feature of Binance exchange. In addition, you can also buy virtual currencies to hold and wait for the price to increase, then sell for a profit.

However, if you don’t have an account, you need register an account to experience it together. After registration you will receive 3 USDT to your wallet.

Stormgain account registration interface on the computer

You need to enter the correct email address and phone number to verify your identity.

After creating an account, you can log in to experience it right away.

Interface after logging in to Stormgain

First, I will introduce about this platform.

Launched in July 2019, Stormgain is a Seychelles-registered coin trading platform that trades and holds coins. Features trading spot (hold coin) and futures contracts using leverage (trade coin). Addressed at Hinds Building, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Features that this floor offers:

  • Trade futures with up to x300 leverage on Bitcoin
  • Free Bitcoin Miner
  • Monthly interest up to 12%
  • Built-in coin wallet for USDT, BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XRP, ZEC, Dash, XLM, USDC, DAI
  • Buy cryptocurrency with VISA, MASTER . card
  • Demo account has 50000 USDT in the account
  • Trading signals (buy or sell signals) in the app

Cryptocurrency Trading on Stormgain

This is the trading feature of trading coins with margin leverage of this exchange. The number of tradable crypto markets is 30 cryptocurrencies. Below is a list of trading pairs on Stormgain.

# Currency Couple
1 Bitcoin   BTC/USDT
2 Ethereum   ETH/USDT
4 Cardano   ADA/USDT
5 Bitcoin Cash   BCH/USDT
6 Litecoin   LTC/USDT
7 Polkadot   DOT/USDT
8 Synthetix   SNX/USDT
9 Dogecoin   DOGE/USDT
10 Chainlink   LINK/USDT
11 Ethereum Classic   ETC/USDT
12 VeChain   VET/USDT
13 Cosmos   ATOM/USDT
15 Tezos   XTZ/USDT
17 Compound   COMP/USDT
18 Uniswap   UNI/USDT
19 Zcash   ZEC/USDT
20 Bitcoin SV   BSV/USDT
21 Neo   NEO/USDT
22 Qtum   QTUM/USDT
23 Ontology   ONT/USDT
25 Dash   DASH/USDT
26 Stellar   XLM/USDT
27 Monero   XMR/USDT
29 Maker   MKR/USDT
30 0x   ZRX/USDT

Maybe you are interested!

The trading interface is very simple to use. Includes the chart on the left taken directly from TradingView. Next to it is the order book. The right pane is the frame for making trades, here we can trade buy (Long) or sell (Short). We need to choose the amount to trade by entering the amount of USDT then adjust the leverage. Continue to click buy or sell, right now the order will be matched with the current price (market order). In addition, you can set a Limit order to automatically buy or sell pre-set coins at a certain price. I will cover this in detail in another post.

In my opinion, the trading feature is very easy to use. However, if you do not deposit money, you can only trade the buy feature (Long) and the leverage is limited to x5 only. When you trade the amount you profit is greater than the bonus amount, you can sell (Short). Minimum order amount is 10 USDT.

You get free trades but you lose 10% commission on the profits you make. It’s too high in my opinion. However, you will not lose this commission to the floor if your trade is negative. There is also a Funding fee

Cryptocurrency Spot Exchange Trading

Here you can open a trade to buy cryptocurrency to hold profit.

The list of coins you can buy is in the table below.

# Currency Couple
1 Bitcoin   BTC/USDT
2 Ethereum   ETH/USDT
4 Litecoin   LTC/USDT
5 Bitcoin Cash   BCH/USDT
6 Stellar   XLM/USDT
7 Dash   DASH/USDT
8 Bitcoin Cash   BCH/BTC

The fee when you make a spot trade is 0.1%.

Free Bitcoin Mining Software

This is a completely free Bitcoin mining feature. Here are different mining speeds and increase according to the VIP level of your account. To mine a lot you need to do a large volume of transactions.

For Standard level, you can only mine at x0.5 speed. One day is 0.0000108 BTC (About 0.54 USDT). One month is 0.000324 BTC (About 16 USDT).

For VIP3 level you can mine with the highest speed of x530. One day is 0.011448 BTC (About 568 USDT). One month is 0.34344 BTC (About 17061 USDT). with the current Btc price of 49000 USDT

You can withdraw a minimum of 10 USDT to your trading account. However, this amount is called a bonus. You can use this money to trade. You cannot withdraw this amount. However, the profit you trade will be calculated for you and you can withdraw it to your own wallet and sell it. For example, you use 10 USDT mined to trade and earn 5 USDT, then this 5 USDT is your money and you can withdraw it to the bank. However, the withdrawal fee is very high 35 USDT per withdrawal.

Conclusion Stormgain is a scam or not?

In my opinion Stormgain is not a scam. However, you need to learn carefully before using this exchange.

  • You need to deposit money in order to use the full function. Or you need to trade until profit and profit will be your money and can be withdrawn.
  • Bitcoin mining here is actually attendance to receive btc. every 4 hours.
  • The mined money that can be used to trade profit is yours.
  • Profits can be withdrawn when you trade profits. Mining part cannot be withdrawn.
  • The transaction fee is called the commission to cut back to the floor if you trade profitably.
  • Not subject to price manipulation like other exchanges.

Stormgain is ranked #258 out of 305 cryptocurrency exchanges on CoinMarketCap’s spot exchange rankings. The 24-hour average trading volume is around $19,572,319.

According to CoinMarketCap, which evaluates and ranks coin exchanges, Stormgain is ranked #17 out of a total of 37 derivative exchanges (Future, margin). The 24-hour trading volume is around $1,555,164,681.

How to mine Stormgain, mine Bitcoin?

As mentioned above, Stormgain is an exchange that allows you to mine Bitcoin on your phone and computer. To mine Bitcoin you need an account then log in and go to the Miner section, this is Cloud Minerβ. You can mine with your computer or with the App on your iOS or Android phone. After 4 hours, click to dig once until you reach 10 USDT, then withdraw to your USDT wallet to trade.

How to top up Stormgain?

Surely many of you do not know how to deposit money. Me too, but after playing around, I can try to load it. Seems to be very difficult to deposit. I tried to top up with my bank account but it didn’t work. Finally, I used the way to transfer USDT from another wallet to Stormgain wallet and was successful. Details on how to top up Stormgain wallet? or how to withdraw Stormgain? I will explain in detail in another post.

Is the Stormgain exchange reputable?

In my opinion, this is an exchange that can be used for trading. However the fees are very high and very limited. If you deposit money to play, you can use very high leverage. Specifically, you can order x300 leveraged BTCUSDT pair. The number one reputable exchange today is Binance for only x125 as the highest. You should use low leverage to avoid burning your account.

The last word I recommend that you do not use Stormgain. Please use Binance exchange because it is the most reputable and used by many people around the world. Sign up for a Binance account let's start making money.

Good luck!

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