Tips to earn a lot of money from Binance exchange

This is an extremely interesting article that summarizes the very few known tips on making money from the Binance exchange that I have drawn from my own observation and application experiences.

You know, there are many people who use the Binance exchange for the main purpose of trading coins to earn profits, but not everyone knows how to take advantage of all the functions of Binance to make money. .

With this money-making tip of mine, you will not need to have knowledge of technical analysis, trade a lot and still be able to earn money, even a lot of money from the Binance exchange.

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Necessary preparation steps

To be able to start applying the tips on making money from Binance shared in this article, you need to prepare yourself a few things (if you have already registered, skip it)

Bank account with Internet Banking function

Binance exchange account, register here

After having all the necessary requirements above, we will now start making money with Binance.

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Some tips to make money from Binance exchange

This is the main section of the article that I am excited to share with you, full of money-making tips that I have applied and succeeded. This way of making money is also very simple and does not require much technical analysis skills at all.

Tips to earn a lot of money from Binance exchange

1. Join IEO (Binance Launchpad) of Binance

When it comes to IEOs, you'll probably say "Oh my god, I've known this for a long time". If you already know this, then skip ahead and read on for other money making tips below. However, for those of you who do not know about it, focus on reading, because this is a very good and profitable way to make money.

IEO, also known as Initial Exchange Offering, translates easily as raising capital on the exchange. One of the exchanges that pioneered this IEO field is Binance (that's why I ask you to register for a Binance exchange account above).

a. Why can IEO make you money?

As you know, sometimes a project wants to thrive, they need to go through funding rounds to have enough funding to cover and develop that project. Usually in fundraising rounds, you can contribute a part of your capital to own a part of that company, in case that company thrives later, your ownership value will increase. many times and sold at a profit.

The same goes for IEOs, if a blockchain project wants to have funding to develop, they also need to raise capital. And their way of raising capital is that they will open offerings for their coin on the exchange (in this case, Binance). Because it is a new project, their coin offering price will usually be cheap, so if you buy these coins, you can later sell them for many times higher and make a profit for yourself.

To make it clearer why IEOs can help you make money, you can take a look at the projects that have launched IEOs on the Binance exchange that have brought profits to investors from X3 to X20, that is, you invest 200 usd you can earn 600 usd to 2000 usd within a very short time (several days).

Below is the profit table of some coins that have been IEO on Binance, you will see most of the projects are profitable such as Kava 500% (x5 times), Matic 11538% (x11 times), real terrible right? So why would you miss out on such a potential way of making money?

b. How to participate in IEO on Binance

To be able to buy IEO, your Binance account needs KYC verification and you need to buy Binance Coin (BNB) on the Binance exchange. Because Binance requires only accounts that have KYC verified and have a certain amount of BNB (minimum 50 coins) to be able to participate in the IEO.

  • Login to your Binance account
  • If you haven't verified your Binance account, please do it (KYC verification, refer to this tutorial to KYC your account).
  • Buy Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Go to
  • Select the IEO project you want to participate in and follow the steps to buy the coin listed IEO.

c. Summary of how to make money from Binance IEO

You see, this is one of the tips to make money from the Binance exchange that does not require you to have in-depth knowledge and can still make a lot of money. A year Binance often has many IEOs taking place, if you know how to take advantage of these IEOs, you can already make a lot of money for yourself.

Now we will come to the next Binance earning tip, this is one of the tips that I quite like.

2. Tips to make money on Binance floor by joining Binance LaunchPool

Binance LaunchPool is a new function of Binance that was launched in September 2020. This is one of the unique features of Binance that makes you 100% FREE

With the same feature as LaunchPad, but with LaunchPad, you need to spend money (BNB) to buy new coins to prepare to list on the floor, with LaunchPool, you just need to store BNB coins and will receive new coins completely free of charge. The fee depends on the amount of BNB you are holding.

Assuming the latest token from this article is BEL, currently, each coin sold is priced at 0.7 usd. It is estimated that with 500 BNB you deposit into LaunchPool you will receive about 5 BEL coins. Assuming in the absence of any changes, with 500 BNB deposited into LaunchPool 30 days you will receive 5 x 30 = 150 BEL = 105 usd. However, this is the asking price, if on the floor, BEL increases x10, then you will get 150 x 10 = 1500 usd, maybe even x20 you will get 3000 usd. This is entirely possible given the scarcity of BEL today.

3. Take advantage of trading competitions on Binance (Trading Competition) to make profits

Trading Competitions are trading competitions that Binance organizes to promote traders with accounts on Binance to trade more on a given coin, and the winner of the most trades will receive a reward, through usually around 50,000 usd.

However, here I do not encourage you to enter the trade to win that prize because these prizes are difficult to get because it requires you to have trading skills, technical analysis and more. moreover you have to compete with millions of other traders for this bonus.

Therefore, I show you a trick to profit from these contests without having much skill at all.

According to my observations, every time these events take place, the coins in this game will have a price increase of about 30% to 100%, even 200%. Therefore, if you know how to take advantage of these contests, then buy these coins immediately when Binance has just announced and wait for a few days to a week and take profits.

I applied this tip and also made a lot of money on Binance without having to worry about analysis at all ^^

Another tip that can help you to always receive any latest announcements from Binance is to join the channel to receive the latest announcements from Binance Info on telegram here.

Whenever there is any announcement from the Binance exchange, this telegram channel will be updated as soon as possible, so you will be one of the first to get the information and one step ahead of others ^^.

4. Tips for making money from Binance – Binance Vote

Binance Vote is another Binance feature that allows traders who already have an account and KYC on Binance to vote for one of the two coins (such as coin A and coin B) that have been selected by Binance. If you vote for coin A, then if coin A wins, you will receive a reward of an amount of coin A, otherwise if you vote for coin B and coin B loses, you will not receive B coin, but in return you will receive some BNB coins as an incentive for you to participate.

Leveraging Binance Vote is also one of the tips for making money from Binance that you should not ignore. Normally, each Binance Vote, I earn about 50 usd just by simply voting for a certain coin on the exchange.

The more Binance Coin you own, the more money you will receive when you successfully vote. Therefore, if you have the conditions, you should also own a lot of Binance Coin coins to be able to take advantage of the money-making tips I introduced above.

5. Leverage Coinmarketcal crypto calendar to profit

If you pay attention, every time a coin is about to have a special event, the value of that coin will increase very sharply, if you know these events in advance and buy before. to save, wait until that coin increases strongly, then sell it to make a profit.

The events that cause the coins to increase sharply in price that I observe are:

That coin launched Mainnet (very strong increase)
That coin is about to be listed on a large exchange (a very strong increase)
That coin launched stake coin, for example, stake Neo to receive Gas, Stake Theta to receive TFUEL (very strong increase)
That coin is about to be hard fork (medium increase, but also a bit unlucky)
That coin is about to have a certain event program (medium rise, sometimes bad luck)
…and so on… (if you have observed any other events that cause the coin to increase sharply, please leave a comment below the article so I can add it)
Some typical coins that have increased sharply in recent times are:

OmiseGo coin has increased 300% from 0.7 usd to 2.2 usd when there is news that it will be listed on Coinbase exchange
Theta coin increases by 1000% when there is news that the mainnet or staking Theta receives TFUEL
All of the above events are obviously very profitable if you know how to catch them in time, right? Then how you can capture this information early is using Coinmarketcal.

Coinmarketcal is a website that provides all the information of the past, current and upcoming schedule of all coins so that you can go there to see, and then choose one or more coins that are about to have a hot event to buy and reserve. Wait to sell when there is a profit.

A tip for you to quickly see the coins that have HOT events and many people are interested in is to click on the Highlights section on Coinmarketcal, here will list the coins with the hottest events marked as Mainnet. , list on exchanges, hard folk, etc.

Summary of tips for making money from Binance

Above is a summary of tips for making money from Binance that I myself have drawn and shared with you today. Hopefully these tips will be more or less profitable for you.

Binance is considered one of the number 1 exchanges in the world of cryptocurrency today and also offers a lot of value to help investors make money.

Personally, I recommend that you apply all of the above tips to make money from Binance at the same time to maximize your income from Binance.

Are you ready to trade. Okay sign up for an account now!

Hope you make a lot of money!


Date published: 07/11/2021

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